My kingdom for a Krispy Kreme doughnut and moronic in-group acceptance

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You don’t have to address systemic injustices when you make it impossible to discuss them.

Societies that destroy their sentinels are totally “asking for it.”

Nothing comes from a scribe that isn’t already on their hearts and minds.

“My kingdom for a Krispy Kreme doughnut and moronic in-group acceptance.”

All I want written on my gravestone are the words “I did my own research.”



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Did you know , there are actually felons, child touchers , and perverts who get sent to Alcoholics Anonymous by a judge or a halfway house — and *actually* sit there peering down their noses at everyone in attendance? Shocker. “They’re not nice.”

Covid(tm) vaccines are Safe and Effective(tm). Ask your doctor today if Covid(tm) is right for you!

“Do your actions mention your hearts intentions ?
… Is your mistaken, is your conscience not at ease?
Do you strive to deny each kindred spirit in the room?
… And is your highest pleasure now the misfortune of fools ?” (Timber Timbre) [paraphrased]

Just going to leave this here

Latin comes from Greek, which is proto-indo-European by way of the Aegeans.

You know.

A bunch of farmers who themselves descended from “savages dancing around camp fires.”

Hebrew is an Afroasiatic Northwest Semitic language from the WHG phenotype.. black people are right, they literally were Israelites. “Jews” were Babylonian, their history and origin story includes ancient Babylon and they themselves view themselves as the main protagonists of the Bible. Wherever you found people in the Bible living , is literally* where they lived * dummy. I don’t have anything to gain from mental gymnastics over who lived in Muh Holy City first. Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

At the beginning of the current Holocene (post glacial period) we had Eastern Hunter Gatherers and Western Hunter Gatherers. End of story. Nothing before this period matters, nearly everyone and everything from before that died, alright ?

So you had a few stragglers who were smart enough to stay warm (or park at a geothermal vent or a volcano or whatever) and have great big pagan orgies to repopulate their species. They lived, hmmm, baffling. And here we are.

Without them you wouldn’t even be here to shit on their memory. I bet you could not light a fire alone in the woods without matches you fucking pseudo-intellectual snob.

Whoever or WHATEVER didn’t die was either intelligent or evolved enough to survive the Holocene and the Ice Age you fucking snob.

OH MY GOSH, it’s the literal ICE AGE , why are you savages lighting FIRES, LOL. 🔥

Stupid hunter gatherers! I’ll show them, I’ll drive my Tesla through a puddle and cook dinner with a lithium fire.

My ancestors relocated camps when they smelled volcano gas. Dumb ass Greeks built a city underneath Vesuvius. How many Indian artifacts or people have you ever excavated and found screaming in place in the fetal position underneath lava?

From Proto-Indo-Europeans sprang the Hitties, for whom a swastika in reverse was a healing symbol. Guess who they didn’t get along with.

You’ll never believe what else the Greeks invented.

Close. Sêma (mark, sign, token) is from Greek, ancient Proto-Indo-European dʰyeh₂ (to notice). The Greeks linguistic ancestors are the Aegeans.

It’s an inconvenient historical fact for people like Joel Berry that PIEs existed as far back as 4500 to 7500bc, or the Neolithic/Early Neolithic periods by some peoples estimates.

Semaforos (the Spanish word for traffic signal) is ancient Proto-Indo European dʰyeh₂ (semi) + phōros (bringer in Greek). Red (as in red light) is known to be a toxic/dangerous color in nature (eg fire ants).

Phosphorus = light + bringing.

Now take your medicine, we can’t have you evolving!

Or reproducing.

luciferase | = |lucif-ERASE

The behavior of rats in captivity is well-documented and none of this is by accident. They know the conditions under which you’ll stop mating or pursuing reward-seeking behaviors. That is the goal of all the fear mongering, hate mongering, genocidal threats, threats of violence in our communities, selective enforcement of so-called “law and order” and the propaganda they are deliberately harming us with. It’s the METICULOUSLY documented result of the utopia in “rat city” that no one ever talks about. It’s basically the same result as ancient Babylon. And that’s exactly what they’re going for again.

Who in their right mind, would ever slap the roof of this asshole prison planet and all the strife and pain that you are deliberately causing us and then beam with pride for the whole world:

“Guys, we did this.”

Have they CRISPR’ed their way into a red calf yet?

There’s a reason that only the Babylon Bee would hire this guy as an Editor.

Carry On

I described a sensation of everything in my right leg feeling like it was twisted up and coming undone a few weeks ago.

Everything let go with a huge snap last night.

Now I feel like my left sides getting twisted up.

(Your guess is as good as mine.)

I’ve felt a few minor temblors and quakes in the past year. I get clues about the ground underneath me e.g. whether my kitchen table is level on the slab or how many times the cabinet doors move and make popping noises against their frame while I’m unable to fucking sleep.

I have gone out for several walks in the last week.

I noticed another one of those awful meetings in town , upstairs from a massage parlor.

I heard a woman call out “massage?”

I wondered if she was from the parlor or from AA.

Seriously, you have to wonder about those people.

I think I’d rather get one from AA.

At least then you know a “happy ending” is a SURE THING.

Distract the masses with lies violence and fear.

Suck them into negative vibrations on TV.

(Going Nowhere)

Just Say No.

Turn the goddamned thing off already.

The internet, too, if it’s a source of that for you.

Go shut the router off for the weekend.

If lies and propaganda are broadcast on TV and nobody watches them, did they happen?

Easy, 1) because we have a consensus on drink being a verb, you can try to make “food” into a verb by introducing it into your lexicon, for example, some of us got “shart” to be accepted as a verb and it means exactly what you think it means. 2) If it’s zero in Fahrenheit,  tomorrow will be -96.001F. If it’s zero in Celsius, tomorrow will be -35.556C. It has to work out the same in F/C.


And then I remembered that the only people who have ever been put in jail or out of business over Project Veritas’ reporting.. are Project Veritas themselves. 😒

predictive programming

It’s not so much that “The Matrix” or any of these other movies “predicted the future.”

It’s more that staring at a screen for an hour or two or four and instructing you to “suspend your disbelief” and “immerse” yourself in the story is essentially inducing you to dissociate.

It’s not that they’re “predictive “ programming (OMG YOU GUYS X FILES PREDICTED THIS), it’s just PROGRAMMING.

It will be used against you later.

Now do the same with your TV for 12 hours a day!

People who are genetically predisposed (or traumatized sufficiently) to hypnosis, suggestion, dissociation (etc) react to the endless drum of endless threats of endless war and endless violence and endless deprivation and endless oppression and endless harm that comes from that box (and to some extent the internet) and it’s just a small part of why that country and everyone in it is so goddamn fucked up.

Everything those steppers did to me: betrayal, sabotage, attacking me for shit I was falsely accused of (often times things they themselves did) , themes of isolation and social deprivation were 100% straight out of “the book.” (I am loosely acquainted with the author / author of that website, “deprogramwiki.” If there’s anything he missed about AA, believe me when I say I will be taking your inventory and filling in the gaps soon.)

We all get it , okay, it’s a dangerous cult. But some clinicians are extra stupid and still send you there.

One of my last “sponsors” considered David Bowie of all people to be her Higher Power. I’m really starting to think “butterflies” and butterfly butter meant something more than just a needy newcomer. AA and NA are infiltrated packed to the roof with about as many MK handlers as it is with murderers, rapists, convicts, and kid touchers. It’s like a City Council meeting in Phoenix, LOL. Seemingly just about anyone and everyone except for people who want to do something about their drug problem, and people interested in helping them. Stan would just about scream and boil if I so much as whispered his name publicly here, wonder whyyyyy.

Fuck AmeriKKKa. In a sense it is reaping what it has sown right now and that’s fine. Don’t say nobody ever tried to warn you. The problem is that they want to take the whole world down with them and then rule over its ashes.

*cringe* oh and Labyrinth? From none other than Jim Henson, whom you parked your children in front of for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. PBS received (and receives) endless government funding to condition children to stare at the TV and learn social cues or be “educated by” it until they die.

“Elmo says get vaccinated!” Oh no ! “Elmo not feeling so good.” Hoooonk. 🤡

By describing the movie this way, Ebert unknowingly describes the inner-world of a mind control slave, which is exactly what the Labyrinth represents. Through trauma, the psyche of the slave is reprogrammed by the handler resulting in a situation where anything can happen, nothing needs to happen, nothing is as it seems and the rules keep changing.

It’s within you

“Classic” “NDEs” , experiences on psychedelics, belief in a “source” or a “white light” and various eastern / esoteric takes like “taoism” or this idea of the jesuchristo being a spirit where you have intercessionaries (saints) in communion with you are a part of .. at least some of your .. code .

Mormons loathe intercessionaries (BOLD theological take from someone who literally claims the Book of Mormon came from literally a divine intercessionary. rules for thee not for me, same as it ever was) even though many people consider Jesus himself (or Mary and others) to be an intercessionary.

“Hark! What’s this, a bible? Who wrote it? People, you say! If intercessionaries aren’t real than this isn’t the word of god and especially, neither is that.”

But they brainwash traffick and screw kids so, opinion disregarded.

present in all things, essentially

Now I know why I choke on some road and city names in central Mexico. They’re not Spanish. They’re Nahuatl!

“Turn left on Tlazvqquehuexl”

oh fuck you, Siri you’re just making up random consonants at this point.

*squints at an upcoming sign for Tlazvqquehuexl, Tlazvqquecuahx*

Teotl -> Tao

Mayan ku/ ch’u -> Qi / “che” “chi”

Even Hu – Man has East Asiatic origin, “Latin”etymology is another lie from “scholars” , Jesuit/Spaniard conquerors and is anybody surprised by that at this point?

Guess what a gringo is.

The Trump and Gab crowd is more correct about “brother wars” than they even realize they are. We are being turned against East Asiatics at every turn and they think it’s funny.

So your tribe waits for the White Brother to return and all you got were the goddamn Mormons and the Jesuit World Order.

Missionaries are everything I said they are. I’ve given you endless examples of spiritual abuse from AA and NA alone, I can stop there.

I’m more than satisfied with what I’ve presented although I could go on and on about other “Christian” sects and I’m sure that I already have.

They spent over fifty years decoding the Florentine Codex so they could manipulate and subjugate this population and destroy their faith culture and customs. Now you will learn the origin story of Moses and his tribe! Happy Holocaust Day or whatever, isn’t that today?🎉

The Jehovahs Witnesses send their door knockers to a (field service) “Theocratic Ministry School” where they give you a superficial summary of different religions. Not to free your mind or bring you a greater understanding of them, other than to the extent necessary to pretend they understand you and then manipulate you into accepting their absolute fucking heresies. “Oh, you’re a Buddhist? Well here’s why you’re wrong and we’re right. Checkmate, Buddhist.”

“oh but they were savages” fuck off, I know all about your profane sacrifices to the yew trees in Florida. I know about the voodoo dolls that get shipped from Amazon (Arizona) directly to the offices of medical directors at prestigious household name hospitals and Stanford University and other big names in university medicine, they’re all either kabbalists or literal satanic voodoo practitioners. I mean “KNOW ABOUT” this and I’ll let you wonder how I know. Because I used to work at Amazon and I might have a friend who manufactures, sells, and ships them to you from Maricopa City.

Oh look! It’s a prehistoric Planned Parenthood offering post-term abortion services.

Psyop Machine

Twitter is literally devised from the nuts and bolts up to penalize anyone who starts getting attention other than as a one time going “viral” sort of thing (as a journalist or bobble head) without paying the $15,000 toll or being an advertiser.

Why would they prevent anyone who isn’t “in their club” from skyrocketing organically?

Because it’s a PSYOP MACHINE and they fully intended to put this fucking poison in every man woman and child on the planet and lie about everything. You need to in the psyop club and paid in crypto to lie to your “fans” to have their system “allow” you to have opinions – provided that they’re approved opinions. A literal Ministry of Truth. Not by random accidental algorithms.


So let me get this straight, 1976 is about when they started screaming about “overpopulation” and just coincidentally they had a plague and got 25% of the population to inject something before they had to stop, oh wow, what would EVER MAKE ME HAVE QUESTIONS WHEN THEY DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN these people are NOT YOUR FRIENDS. They do NOT MEAN YOU WELL. AT. ALL.

Joe Biden was a Senator for all of this, he joined in 1972. Does he not fucking remember any of this? To where this time he’d be screaming to make it 100% this time OR ELSE? GET IT IN EVERYONE THIS TIME, I DONT CARE ABOUT SIDE EFFECTS. NO EXEMPTIONS. NO BRAKES. Hellllllo.

Trump is in his 70s and should fucking remember or know better by now — I wasn’t even born yet — and I hate his criminally irresponsible corrupt ass now.

“Why are Americans so fucked up? Why do they want us to be sterilized or killed?”

They did something very bad , and it’s hereditary.

I have no fucking idea where I come up with HALF OF THIS STUFF BUT ITS NOT*ALL* FROM THE INTERNET and I keep being right about some pretty off the wall shit no one should have ANY reason to spontaneously deduct. These people have done stuff to me , in real life, at real live fucking sites (quite a LOT OF THEM) as a child and its really fucked up and they just straight up shitlist me from every public square. It wouldn’t matter if they hadn’t done all the tests and experiments or not. It’s hereditary to some degree anyway, and oh boy, is it ever. What a joke. Isolate and silence the mark, do I have that right? As long as the government and/or “private” enterprises are still doing that to me, I know the mkultra fuckers are the ones running the show.

OHHHHH what’s this. Lol. Colorado Springs, blue beam much?

Nothing ever happens

I didn’t say reversal. I said it moves around.

West could become South for all the hell I know.

Apparently enough to where the fact that it’s NOT MOVING is NEWSWORTHY.

Not just birds.


I have been over here bitching about geomagnetic activity and being in the “wrong hemisphere” of my brain (or whatever) at times for awhile. Call me a hypochondriac if it pleases you, or maybe I fucking notice things are off. REALLY OFF. Enough to where a pain free day is remarkable. I see a trend on /x/ where people notice and post about the same stuff a few weeks later. I’m not psychic I just think I’m extremely sensitive and or affected by it. Enough to where I’ve been in the ICU more than some of you have. While you’re jogging and washing your car and going about your business I feel like I’m 70 years old damn it.

And not so much that I’ve .. you know … anyway I don’t know where the hell I got this idea of magnetism being involved or interpreted Jim Carey’s “lighthouse keeper” post that way. It was a *really* strange week or two there for some of us around the time of my “mk ultra waiting room” dream at the beginning of this subset of blog posts. Music sounded weird, the pain left me for awhile to the point of near (physical) euphoria in otherwise straight up “touch me there and I’ll scream” territory for a few fleeting moments, Enough to where I was tempted by how “fun” it could be by adding some marijuana. And all the same tempered by how totally “not fun” that actually is now and not wanting to completely ruin that headspace. I just trip my fucking balls off for at least 18 hours on that bullshit, helplessly plastered to my seat and refusing to get up like Rosa Parks.

It’s nice to see /x/ speculating whether that’s also affecting peoples behavior. I can’t remember whether I went there or not. Let them have it.

I agree with them, let’s put it that way.

I have that subset of posts, I have the images for them, just not … backed up in the same place…

My last “real job” called for coming up with a fast assessment — usually under pressure , high profile and/or televised event starting in X minutes — of whether it was their configuration, their environment, or our product. The thrill of it was in resolving it before the doors open for fans.

Over time you knew immediately what something was based on the issue description (if someone did their job exceptionally well) or you knew a customer and their environment well enough to know if they occasionally needed help getting everything “just so” or whether you were dealing with a team sysadmin who had his act together and had better things to do than call you.

It really irks me that “experts” in whatever field hiss at me about their piece of paper and totally dismiss the idea that I might have some training and skills over the course of 24+/- years as well. Like oh for fucks sake you’re a JOURNALIST , you’re pampered and paid to lie on television – I design and troubleshoot electronic circuits which requires a modicum of information about what goes where, the physics of what potentiates, modulates, oscillates and goes where. Including at times their magnetic/electromagnetic properties current polarity and so forth. What the hell do you know about how “things” work?

And that’s their attitude with me about other disciplines.

And when I don’t know, I have to come up with “if they’re right about this behavior, what’s most likely to cause it?” All the times I joked about making six figures to “jerk off and eat cheetohs” were… well.. jokes.. fucking jokes. I worked until I dropped like a whipped fucking mule thank you very much.

When you do this censorship horseshit over who has the right to have an opinion, or say it, you prevent collaboration. And we are going to extinct as nations and or species if you don’t knock it off.

The one thing I’ve picked up from this is that these people don’t want solutions, they want fucking money, that’s it, the end. The fucking end. For everyone.

What the FUCK did you fucking people shove me in a classroom for for a quarter of my life if you just wanted me to shut the fuck up and let grownups talk whenever something’s wrong. I want a refund.


I didn’t need the church to convince me about god.

I appreciate one of its founders for making me interested in the message.

That’s halfway there.

The more I got into it, the more I resented that we all apparently need to be informed who screwed, came in, and begat whom for the last 5000 years. But nobody cares who my grandmother or forefathers are, and they’re apparent bothered that any of us even STILL exist.

The fact that Christanization is hardcoded into at least one Indian treaty has me persuaded that its present day purpose is to subjugate , pacify, and/or extinct people. Its application in the first century is a dead art. It’s like how NA (itself a derivative of the plagarization of first century Christianity) probably “meant well” at one time until it became commercialized and weaponized by people who are completely evil and fucked in their heads.

When it has accomplished that they declare a war on the dogma and control matrix of “Christianity” or whatever the hell is left of it in society at that point so they can kill or conquer whatever’s left, “that’s right it’s Armageddon season (again). dig the fucking ditch. face the wall and wait to be saved, comrade.”

“b b b but why? I put my pronouns on my name tag!”

I’m not saying it’s useless. Among other things it taught me to refuse the “mark” and to mean business and/or use visual aids if necessary to help illustrate your message when you say “no.”

I wasn’t in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. I just know what I’m told about the past and that scares the hell out of me enough about the present time.

Just Say No like Nancy used to say.

And here it is

Not that I’d doubt Project Veritas but I confirmed this one personally. Not publishing it but I have his work number, personal cell, supervisor, and email. It’s him. It’s real. And lol at James O’Keefe for using a gay honeypot. 😆

(No. These aren’t all me, not even close):

But this is. Put another dollar in the “Talibama was right again jar.”

There’s a lot of things you can call me, but the one god damn thing you cannot call me is a liar.

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