In the “Keep it timeless and classy, America” department:

When you can’t get your novel “cancer” drug approved by the regulators, just unleash it against a hapless population as a biological weapon and war crime like you always have!

During World War II nitrogen mustards were studied at the Yael School of Medicine by Alfred Gilman and Louis Goodman, and classified human clinical trials of nitrogen mustards for the treatment of lymphomastarted in December 1942.[5] 


Also during World War II [ed: on December 2, 1942] an incident during the air raid on Bari, Italy, led to the release of mustard gas that affected several hundred soldiers and civilians.[6] Medical examination of the survivors showed a decreased number of lymphocytes[7] 

So just so we are all on the same page, the United States was “gassing” innocent civilians in 1942.

Why do all the pandemics always start on US military bases? Human trafficking into unwitting medical experimentation. Just like they “allegedly” just did when they dishonorably discharged all the “refusers” … if you believe the TV, anyway. I don’t anymore.

After World War II was over, the Bari incident and the Yael group’s studies eventually converged prompting a search for other similar compounds.

Due to its use in previous studies, [😭😭😭😭👌🏻🖕🏻] the nitrogen mustard known as “HN2” became the first chemotherapy drug mustine.

This condition wouldn’t, oh , I don’t know, prevent CD4 cells (“T cells”) from making copies of themselves would it? Awkward that you can’t blame your “covid” victims for being homosexuals who “deserve it” this time around, yes? Oh no, “prep” doesn’t “work” and DHHS owns the patent!

I *think* I have the goods on telomerase shortening [tangentially related to above] and what DNA [ditto, and yet , not entirely] actually is , but as things stand today, I am banned from the whole goddamned planet including – even by asshole 4chan jannies – and I’m ignored by any type of media or researcher I contact , any pleas I’ve made for Justice regarding those satanic fucking monsters who spent a quarter of my life terrorizing me , threatening me, and hacking/destroying my website were also denied.

You won’t even fucking do anything with the fucking information I’ve been offering you for several years now. What the fuck difference does it fucking make at this point?

Figure it out, or just inject some shit a politician who’s received a million dollars or more in bribes begged you to with their “PFreedom of reach.”

You wanted us imprisoned , executed, or deprived of our so called “rights”, you chucked your rocks and said we “deserved it” for being disobedient or having questions. Sanity and civility have left the room,my conscience will not allow me to work one more inch towards anything until I see some goddamned daylight. I have no words for how disrespected I feel nor how disgusted and angry I am at everyone and everything right now.

PS: poliomyelitis – sometimes shortened to “polio,”and sometimes shortened to “myelitis” when they have something to hide, or called “transverse myelitis” or multiple sclerosis “ when they want to gaslight you into thinking pasteurs “virus” theory isn’t fake fucking news or that salks vaccine “worked” and polio is “eradicated” , whatever it is, it may respond to taurine. “HIV” associated “peripheral neuropathy” lmao bye. Look up myelitis + sars and myelitis + covid. Now do myelitis + taurine.

I’m tired of pretending they’re all novel diseases outside of the grasp of science or medicine. You have to go back and commit blasphemy against 115 years of “settled science” and I will drag you through your denial kicking and screaming by your hair like Bruno and Galileo did.

Atheists love Muh Ockhams Razor right, do you want a model that actually fucking explains anything or one that just requires one fairy tale and one lie predicated upon another and another and another and another and another and another and another- if you find religions “fairy tales” to be ridiculous and insulting take a closer look at your “science.” forgive me. I dealt with addicts for years and I don’t have any patience, I’d have better luck waking the dead.

You have your pithy and empty platitudes too, like “it does a body good.” Please explain, in painstaking detail, in what way that disease addled nutrient stripped half spoiled over processed and overcooked PUS does anyone’s body any good and why I have to drink 18 times the amount of it to get a comparable amount of intact or even BROKEN amino acids as I can from a goat or my own species.

The truth always comes out in the wash. And as usual you’ll chuck your rocks right up until the end when you’re like “hmm why is everyone dead LOL” “I DONT KNOW LOL” ugh 😩 this is why we don’t have flying cars or interstellar travel, we can’t even figure out “food” or invest sufficient resources labor or capital to make earth “inhabitable.” It is now the year 2023 . IBM still can’t even make a cash register printer that works properly.

Elon and Bill Gates are DUMB. I’m tired of pretending they’re not. They JOINTLY blew BILLIONS on trying to get “curevac” off the ground (“lol, bill and Elon hate each other, gaslighting isn’t real, lmao even” fuck off) or fix farming through Frankenstein crop genetics (in Bills case) or turn Tesla factories into “wartime production” mRNA printing facilities when all they have to do is give cows the amino acids they’re missing , in a generation or two their shit will work as fertilizer and things will be fine.

As soon as you recognize the health dangers of breaking amino chains in dairy products and fruit juices and consuming them, we will be fine. Ish.

People like this cannot become unelected tyrants making uneducated, unchecked , unchallenged decisions on these topics — or buying out social media and news companies to silence anyone who says “uh hey you guys, this idea is garbage” just because they’re allegedly “wealthy.”