Red Cross:

Red Shield = Red (Roth) schild (Schield).

Blue Cross:

Blue Cross:

🙄👌🏻Blue cross 🙄👌🏻

During its activity, the Blue Cross published a few books, the best known of which is a reprint of the book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The organization had an office in Helsinki at Museokatu 17 a 1. The board of the Blue Cross was chaired by Erkki Räikkönen and the other board members were Gunnar Lindqvist and Olavi Linnove. In the spring of 1944, the association announced that it had 12,000 members.

The organization was dissolved by the decision of the government in the autumn of 1944, as Article 21 of the Moscow Armistice required Finland to abolish all “fascist” organizations. The Blue Cross was one of the organizations that the Urho Castrén government abolished as soon as possible on September 23, immediately after the peace treaty came into force.[1]

Got it, everyone? The “antisemitic conspiracy tome referred to as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion” might very well be nazi propaganda , and if it is, it’s FINNISH NAZI propaganda.

It’s also the name of one of their many chemical/biological WARFARE agents, one of which (blue cross) resulted in the discovery of dyacin tinted goggles that are notorious for some extremely bizarre perceptual experiences on the part of the troops – but that was collateral damage in the never ending chemical warfare from “allied” forces, up to the present god damned day. As one form is made “illegal” or a “war crime” a new one or two or twenty is born, not that anyone seems to give a fuck about war crimes, literal nazis, and literal war criminals anymore – Nuremberg sure as hell doesn’t seem to be used to prevent Germany from happening again.

Blue cross, yellow cross (mustard gas) and , of course .. they just love destroying your lungs during enlightenment periods where we are traveling through a photon belt and weird shit is going down left and right. Fentanyl, which has probably killed a million or so without raising an eyebrow because as usual the victims “deserve it” (as with AIDS , and as with the “unvaccinated” in the present time) , everyone is to blame and everyone “deserves” it except for the murderers!

And here is your blue shield …

And here, also:

… for which there’s a new standard (5.3) available on iPhone 14 and later – which removes the use of PHY and MAC addresses since everyone – or, well, enough people anyway -caught on to that.

The Bluetooth wireless specification design was named after the king in 1997,[29] based on an analogy that the technology would unite devices the way Harald Bluetooth united the tribes of Denmark into a single kingdom.[30][31][32] The Bluetooth logo consists of a Younger Futharkbind rune for his initials, H () and B ().[33]

Anon gets it.

(Hint: it’s not Chuck (Charles) “loosh farm” anymore)

All this bullshit just because Sweden wouldn’t let the King of Norway and his “commoner” wife sleep overnight in their country with a guarantee they wouldn’t be captured or imprisoned during World War 2.

And then they did that to Diana – who by that point had left her husband for sleeping with the Royal Concubine and was being courted by Muslim and Egyptian men – and probably knew a lot more than she was comfortable with due to her involvement with Red Cross “charities.” And especially AIDS. I bet she knew what was up.

You think I can hold a grudge? These goddamned families have been doing this shit to the entire planet for 423+ years that we KNOW OF.

I’m supposedly an American who isn’t under their thumb, under their rule, nor one of their subjects – still don’t give a shit about blue blooded tyrants or Megan Merkle. And what the fuck, exactly , is the DoD doing with a $777.7 (FY 2022) billion budget ? Other than “defending “ Ukraine?