Moving on down the catalog to the next shill,

Not giving a shit what’s in your drug supply seems to be a lucrative business model for the Pfizer cartel — which has minted at least 11 new billionaires.

Fentanyl has been in everything – the coke, the meth, the counterfeit pills, the ecstasy , etc , since at least 2016 or 2017 that I know of.

I know this because the Los Angeles LGBT Center was handing out flyers warning people and offering test kits at the time – and they still are if you have the need for them, don’t be shy.

And it turns out , all they had to do was raid Cher’s mansion in Malibu:


If only she could turn back time and kick the fentanyl trafficker out, imagine how many people would still be alive today.

Oh but if you’re a suburban parent who lets a high schooler drink alcohol in your home you’re 100% “responsible” and you’re going to prison.

Idk, gringo. Cher doesn’t look Mexican to me.

That’s Los Angeles for you.

They pulled more dead black children out of Ed Buck’s apartment than a democrat’s uterus before they charged him.

The whole fucking city knew and he’d still be getting away with it if it wasn’t for one PISSED OFF black woman who decided NOT to look the other way and would not stand for it anymore.

Told my.. what were then.. my “friends” about fentanyl being in.. well…. Everything now.. and they did not believe me or care.

I was telling l0des chatroom that .. idk.. five years ago.. and everyone there said I was full of shit too.

… we’ve sure had an awful lot of fentanyl-related deaths over on efnet since then…

By the time your chatroom has federal agents mapping out everyone’s social connections it’s time to leave. Did you know, the whole “Capital One hack” took place in real time in there?

I tried to keep an open mind about trans people , she’s one of the only ones I knew, but she kept saying she wanted to mass murder men because no one would fuck her , and that was the second time one of them confided that exact same thing to me (search Twitter for the word “TERF” , every other post is murder murder murder kill kill kill, and yet, they’re not banned.) that’s why I really want to read the “Nashville shooter’s manifesto” cause I bet that’s exactly what it fucking says and that’s exactly why they won’t let you see it.

That’s what’s up, and if you people had any idea, that would be the END of the trans rights era.

These are the same people who tell me to “take my meds.” No, thank you. I have had plenty.

I backed away rulllllllllllll slow and missed the whole capital one debacle. I asked a close friend what he thought about it and all he said was “at least she trusts you with her problems!”

FML, seriously. 🙄

By that point “l0de’s” alcoholic ass podcast frequently involved him incoherently screeching about space aliens and homosexuals — like his Twitter, which he isn’t banned for.

Violence , LGBT hatred, child touching, and threats are in fact, openly embraced on Twitter.

Hurting Ben Shapiro or .. what the fucks his name .. Hasanabi’s feelings ?


Twitter is a marketplace to peddle “influence” and stupid fucking commodities— like peoples bodies, Audis, and Oreo cookies —not information or the cultivation of meaningful social connections.

Hiring someone from NBC, the people who brought you the Will and Grace Gay Minstrel Show – will only make things even more shallow and commoditized than they already are. You know; they can piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining all day — just like they did through “covid” and the “election” and if you STILL believe ANYTHING that company publicly says or endorses you are an intractable, hopeless MORON.

I just got rid of one property in Texas and bought another one, my first order of business was complaining to Paxton that my 1A rights are being denied under Texas House Bill 20. I’ll start with Twitter and then do Facebook next. It’s all available under Open Records so, knock yourselves out “doxxing” me- I’ll sell it and buy another property in a different Texas county that’s been much friendlier to me and disclosed exactly what was displayed on their MDT when they ran my license when I’m done.

Whatever the hell THAT’S about, they don’t seem to approve of it or play ball with it.

And, I quote, “you sure don’t look like a drug trafficker to me.”

Hint: I’m not. I hate drugs and everyone on them and everything that goes along with them.

I didn’t spend 13 years having a bunch of asshole drug addicts doxxing me, threatening me and my family, taking their shit out on me every fucking day — like an alcoholic daddy who thinks I’m responsible for their happiness , or to blame when they’re upset — spitting in my face while engaged in the thankless task of running a so called “recovery forum” out of a desire to “traffick drugs.”

I endured their endless abuse for as long as I could because I despise the scourge of drugs that is killing society, probably cut 20-30 years off of my life span and taken away almost everyone I have ever fucking cared about in my life.

I got set up, and I can’t figure out why they silence me — it’s not for breaking any “rules” — hope you understand why I despise my government and I kneecap the sons of bitches about their human rights violations and war crimes in every forum and in every way I’m still “allowed” to, and will continue to do so until they shut the whole fucking internet down and you can only access it via Starlink and say things that Chairman Musk and his WEF CEO “allow” in the new AOL-style walled garden that is your future internet.

I would have been much more supportive of this idea IF ONLY it meant that the exact same behavior I’ve complained about here for years now would finally be eradicated – and people like Joel or Miranda got put on timeout and locked out of the goddamned internet for a month or a year or forever for “anti social behavior” depending on the extremity of it just like you do in China — go ahead, download WeChat and tell someone “fuck you” and see what happens to your account. Byeeeeeeeee, Billy!

The problem I have with TPTB, is that this isn’t how it’s going to work — if their current and past behavior is anything to work off of — those people get away with the shit they’ve been doing to people for 8…10..15..20+ years. I’m the one who’s permanently punished and sitting in a corner.

That’s all I need to know, to have the opinion that it’s all talk and that making the internet a safer, saner, more civil or honest place isn’t the goal. It’s about silencing anyone who discusses their war crimes , fraud, waste, homicidal negligence and other crimes against humanity- establishing an even more dystopian and ruthlessly controlled media and monetary monopoly than they already have , stifling ANY free speech or dissent or discourse about what the fuck they’re doing.

All manner of violence, perversion,, threats, and life ruin continue unabated. Fuck Elon Musk.

Neither company has ever provided a reason for my permanent , vindictive, life long bans. They can now tell my Attorney General the exact reason they’ve done so.

As for Twitter’s new “CEO,” I wouldn’t get your panties in a twist about that yet— Twitter has habitually lied to the public, the media, the SEC and/or its shareholders about who runs their company.

Please allow me to elaborate:

Their final Form 10-K Annual Report dated February 17, 2021 claims Jack Dorsey was the CEO, yet , during the “Twitter files” “investigation” and “reporting” done by Elon’s presstitutes and glad handlers (Matt Taibibi and Bari Weiss), they repeatedly asserted that Yoel Roth, head of “Trust and Safety” was “in charge of the company.”

That’s funny, Yoel Roth isn’t named ANYWHERE on their 10-K annual compliance reports. IF Yoel Roth was “running the company,” and he’s NOT just some hapless SCAPEGOAT, then $TWTR lied to the SEC and defrauded every single one of their shareholders. You should all sue Twitter.

If Yoel Roth was NOT running Twitter, then Elon Musk, Eliza Blue, Matt Taibibi, and Bari Weiss are lying to YOU. You guys are the ones who love backing everyone into “black or white” arguments, so have a taste of your own fucking medicine.

I’m suspended for “misinformation,” fucking lol.

So who lied to whom?

Did Elon , Eliza Blue, Matt Taibibi, and Bari Weiss all lie to us?

‘Former head of censorship at Twitter was perhaps not entirely unbiased,’ Musk said, accompanied by a screenshot of a 2017 tweet in which Roth said there were ‘actual Nazis in the White House’.

Musk defended Twitter’s founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey, however.

Controversial decisions were often made without getting Jack’s approval and he was unaware of systemic bias. The inmates were running the asylum,’ he said on Thursday night. (archive: )

Or did Twitter lie to the SEC and it’s shareholder in their 10-K annual reports?

Do I have a “source” for my claims?

Yes, and his name is Elon Musk:

Wow, that’s not what your 10-K reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission said. This means every single cent you raised from your investors was obtained by deception, fraud, and criminal falsification of your annual compliance reports.

So listen, either Jack Dorsey and his entire board are fucking liars — or Elon Musk and his sketchy damage control/limited hangout operation are fucking liars —and for the love of god, will the SEC please ban whichever one it is — and everyone involved in that lie — from EVER running a publicly traded company again for making materially false public statements about the management and control of a publicly traded company. That is a conspiracy to defraud FORTY BILLION DOLLARS from Twitter’s public and private investors and then lie to them about being dry fucked without lube. Suspend their social media accounts for fraud while you’re at it.

I reported them to the SEC for filing fraudulent K-10s and making false statements to the SEC and their shareholders. I declined anonymity and/or “whistle blower” money.

I want them to know what cutting me off from my measly eleven friends is going to cost them.

Snivel all you want about being a “nobody” with 11 followers, you know one of them one was Paris Hilton right? Fuck South Park, “screwed” is my jam, and I 100% believe her and Paris Jackson — and, yes, Sam Brinton too — because of what I myself experienced in the places I got sent and they were starting to talk about – which is probably the only reason that happened, every other thing I have to say is awful, but , “oh no, time to shut it down again, someone noticed me.”

You want to talk about 13 year olds getting raped in panties and infected with HIV? Or them putting me in corrections for two years for refusing “conversion therapy” when I was… I don’t know.. 13 or 14?

NOW THEY LOVE GAY THIRTEEN AND FOURTEEN YEAR OLDS! Can’t fucking recruit enough of them fast enough!

But solitary confinement for me!

Hell yes, I believe them.

The point is, enjoyed interacting with those eleven people and I don’t give a god damn what some plastic bint like Kim Kardashian or George Takei says. I’m really sorry if they’re your dearest friend but if you can find me obnoxious and wish I’d shut up or go away, please be quiet if I find them obnoxious and wish they’d shut up or go away.

I used to bant with Cassandra Fairbanks and Andy Lee before they were cool.

Nah, they were already cool.

I was a probably nicer person then. I’m almost afraid to ever go back to my SJW ass church again.

I can’t even bear the thought of them having had a moment of silence, ringing a bell, and praying for Adam Lanza and then giving me icicles for some of the very un-woke things that I’ve merely said.

But listen,

I renounce the devil and all his empty promises.

I renounce the powers of this world that rebel against God.

I renounce the ways of sin that draw me from God.

I renounce the darkness that separates me and someone whose name I don’t even know from God.

I’ll work on the rest when my day is finally over, with or without your fellowship or approval.