We were .. and are .. no longer generating profit for the Federal Reserve:

I think they’ll go bankrupt on May 11th* Just in time to open the borders to get even with you.

* projection: because they aren’t going to get another fucking nickel unless they fabricate a “crisis” that “necessitates” “emergency” spending. As of this edit it is now May 11th, and the whore is drunk with the filth of her abominations. Keep your head on a swivel. Just like 1975 they can’t forment the amount of internal strife crisis they were hoping for — no matter how awful the amount of it that they HAVE created is — so they’re attempting to import a crisis. I suppose next, we get Reagan 2.0 who gives them all “amnesty” and reassures everyone “it’s fine, it will all trickle down to Zelenskyy.” History repeats and rhymes. (Image source: FRED/Twatter)

So what else happened in 1976 when they said “jab everyone! Get 200 million of them! Every man, woman, and child!” ? Read on:

Exact same shit as now.

Source: https://fraser.stlouisfed.org/title/economic-report-president-45/1976-8147

PDF: https://fraser.stlouisfed.org/files/docs/publications/ERP/1976/ERP_1976.pdf?utm_source=direct_download

Text (Archive): https://archive.is/Zatyk

Joe Biden had just joined Congress.

That makes this the second time that son of a bitch did this to America. On purpose.

Obama was, what, 14 years old then? You think he’s the mastermind of this shit? Please. 🙄

I’ve been in exile and basically guilty of nothing but remembering history and reminding others.

If that’s your society’s idea of flying too close to the sun, then societies that destroy their sentinels deserve their inevitable fate.

Here is a fun fact about “president” Ford:

You’re never going to believe who was on the Watergate Commission, who got rid of Nixon — and Agnew, too — giving us unelected “president” Ford whose very first order of business was injecting 200+ million Americans with that fucking poison.