I’m sorry for calling you a “glown****er,” Richard.

YES I KNOW WHAT THE GODDAMNED PROGRAM IS. 😭 I *told* you the Sheriff showed me what the MDT said about me- that I was an “NIS” and supposedly a “drug trafficker.” And a specific message to not inform “the subject” of this information.

I’m sorry for being such an arrogant fucking cunt about the whole matter but I don’t need an FOIA, I don’t need to compel discovery, I don’t need the fucking DOJ to admit or deny that I am — or was — an NIS , I have seen it on their computer with my own my own mother fucking eyes because there are still a few good cops out there and they have — or had — videos of my car , from Los Angeles in a national database that were available to a trooper in Oklahoma City who showed me my car , in an uh, not very classy part of Skid Row .. and that was years ago .. the trooper kept yelling at me and asking if I had marijuana or fentanyl in my car … as I rolled my eyes, telling that thick stupid inbred mother fucker over and over and over like a broken record that I was sober, and that I “used real drugs” when I wasn’t sober , politely asking them to just get the god damned drug dog and get it over with because all I had in my car were my clothes and my grandmas bible.

“Just get it over with and fuck off already, okay?”

I think it’s the same incident where I also told the OKCPD “I’d be the worst drug mule ever, because I’d 5 miles up the road before I’d be in some hotel smoking their all shit and cruising grindr-“


look at this shit, non investigative subjects:


Best of luck to you guys, I don’t feel a need to raise a ruckus about this particular case — thing is, *I* don’t need that lying ass fucking gaslighting genocidal oligarchy we have in place to lie about, deny, or refuse to answer what I’ve already seen with my own mother fucking eyes. I already know the answer to this question. I HAVE SEEN IT. There’s a list and I am, or was , on it with absolutely no fucking due process , no actual investigation (hence “non investigative subject”).

I am a 10/10 asshole and a miserable hassled motherfucker but I am not a liar. I don’t feel like joining the party and having a lawyer begging me to stop publicly ranting about marxists ruining peoples lives through gossip networks in Alcoholics Anonymous and the gay “community.” Wanna read the complaint? (Revised second motion):


I am not needed right now. That case is for 18 (19?) people who suspect they might also be on Uncle Sam’s secret “shit list” without having committed a crime- or having been suspected of – a crime. They have my support and solidarity even if they don’t want it.

They didn’t have someone laugh at it and tell me to come to their car and read it like I did.

Not surprisingly, the government doesn’t want to answer those 19 people with a “yes” or a “no” — and if they went through ANYTHING along the lines of what I have — they DESERVE an answer.

Naturally Merrick’s DOJ objects to discovery related to their illegal black ops shitlisting/harassment/indefinite “investigation” under pretexts where no one can even go as far as saying that a crime occurred, is being investigated, and therefore has absolutely no fucking probable cause , nothing to appeal or expunge, and no due process or recourse to appeal it or remove it if you were placed on it in error — or whether a domestic or foreign agency with access to the system was bribed to add you to it.

For example: Van Buren vs United States sought to resolve the question of whether LEOs accessing this information without a valid reason — like an open investigation or a traffic stop or encounter — constituted “exceeding authorized access” under the scope of the CFAA. We had a split between two district courts where one said it was – and the other disagreed. Naturally, the Supreme Court shot it down and ruled 6-3 that it wasn’t. Because they’re the same judges — or, well , John Roberts is — who oversees the illegal FISA orders involved in this bullshit and has an OBVIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Now we have Congress prying the US Supreme Court about their “ethics” and Justice Roberts mailed them back and told them to get fucked.

It’s all going down.

I am going to email their lawyer and suggest she look into Van Buren further. Because what fucking business did that guy have going through peoples NCIC profiles for bribes? Injustice Roberts certainly doesn’t want ANYBODY thinking about that question or setting a precedent to ask — or answer — that question.

Twitter and Facebook will be compelled to state exactly why I’m shitlisted from them and their 9 other affiliates who “share security information “ and I don’t give a god damn how messy or embarrassing it’s going to be. For them. When they have no other choice than to admit that isolating and silencing me is part of this process.

It’s going to be your turn for a struggle session next, comrades.

But it mostly means that I don’t have to read Bette Midler or Carter Vanderbilt’s hissy fits or that stupid bitch “jojofromjerz” anymore – and I’m certainly not paying $8.00 a month for the “privilege” so what the fuck ever. Really, who pays $8.00 and agrees to “terms and conditions” that the owner wipes his ass with on a whim anyway? How many times does the FTC have to fine that company $100 million for deceptive sales practices before they finally figure out “they’re” the baddies? We’re on #2. Does it need to be 3? 4? 5? before they start making the connection that they’re not a very honest business? As they wag their finger and scream about “individual users not telling the truth” lol bye.