They were paid tens of millions of dollars to offer people $500 bribes to get the clot shot.

What the fuck. $500.00 will barely even buy you the shitty beads and turquoise you sold out for the first time you did business with the USA.

I contacted one of these tribes (Oneida) and one of their former lawyers who I was friends with and now works as a district attorney elsewhere in the state.

They did not respond and neither did she.

Nobody did.

A whole bunch of names I contacted and did not receive a response from are on Russias sanction / no entry list.

To clarify what I mean by, “apparently, we share at least some of the same enemies.”

I’m hard pressed to “take a side” in a war “we aren’t involved in” , if they’re lying about even being involved in it- it is reasonable to assume that they’re lying about what the entire situation is predicated on or what it’s objectives are – have we not learned anything from Iraq, Benghazi, *shuffles deck* but with that said you’d have to be brain dead or jabbed and triple boosted to deny that we are arming and funding it.

I’ve seen some people laughing at what they’re characterizing as an “empty gesture.”

I’m not laughing.

I wasn’t laughing two years ago when I started initiating these contacts.

They might have been.

I hope they won’t be laughing for much longer.

You know, in the event we were under some kind of unlawful foreign occupation – the rules of war necessitate the country being returned to one of its native inhabitants. Realize that these tribal governments that just accepted $40,000,000+ to give you $500 bribes to be Guinea pigs for Pfizer – who trafficked your bodies for medical experimentation – are just as corrupt as the occupying government that bribed them and bought your trafficked bodies. This is a huge fucking problem, and some of their bylaws are shady enough too put the USA to blame. Even if you’re “elected” , if you displease your peers (in Blackfoot’s case) they can mutually agree to remove you over mere disagreement on policy. Ie if you rail against this kind of corruption you are summarily dismissed from your position.

I’m not naming my former congressperson I haven’t contacted her, I had moved before any of this occurred, and I can’t tell if she’s “on the list” or just listed as a recipient being notified – same for the state attorney general – note that the original is in Russian and some terms are ambiguous and don’t carry over like “secretary” and “minister” but , I’m not sure what she might have done to piss Russia off, so I should be careful with a list I can’t interpret or translate 100%. I very briefly met her once before she was in office.

(I no longer use the word “elected.” I think that’s a charged vocabulary word that has very specific connotations and meanings.)

We were in some bar. She introduced herself and asked if she could count on my vote. I blurted out that I wasn’t old enough to vote yet. She looked at my beer (oops) and smiled and “oh, okay, maybe when you’re old enough!” and then vanished.