It was a really short walk from “you can’t eat a chik-fil-a sandwich, bigot” to “you will consume Pfizer products or get a bullet, bigot.”

I wish I had thought to respond that I eat at chik-fil-a to show my solidarity with BLM. ✊🏿

Unethical life hack: If you want a question answered, respond to yourself with a sock account and give yourself a blatantly false answer.

You might not get an answer to your original question but at least 5 Redditors will angrily respond to your inaccurate answer with a detailed answer about how you’re wrong and misused a comma.

It works. Try it.

Fresh Incoming Psyops: Anybody posting this shit glows.

“[Her] ritual performed, she turned to page 1367, which gave the times of the departure of the air-ships from the island in the southern hemisphere, under whose soil she lived, to the island in the northern hemisphere, whereunder lived her son.”

They’ve only lied about EVERYTHING ELSE, let’s trust them this time, guys! So this shit comes out in 1909, the British Sterling gets tossed out as the “global reserve currency” three years later, and then a decade later oops “1918 pandemic” kills 1/15 of the planet. That would be 533,000,000* deaths in todays population numbers. AND OH, everyone has to stay inside until 5 days before the 1918 midterms! No campaigning or debating! For The Greater Good! ™ * pardon, editing this is more complicated than it might seem.

Just for funzies,

What if Antarctica isn’t the “south” per se, and Oceania and Eastasia really are at war with each other. We are the New Spain, we are the Land of Nod, east of Eden, we are the Eastern India, NOBODY WAS “HERE FIRST,” and we are the slaves making commodities and supplies for them.

I suppose they wouldn’t really care who among us bickered or battled or blamed and fought with one another over all the problems we have here? As long as it’s not “them,” right?

The rain fails, and the metronome ticks.

The tree remembers, the axe forgets.

So much carrying on about the “polar caps melting” they never seem to talk about how Antarctica is getting much colder and larger.

But that’s okay because nobody lives there, right.

.. right?

… guys?

You’d think the “elites” or at least Greta or someone would slam this down on the table as incontrovertible proof of climate change and settle the whole matter once and for all.

But nope nope nope. Look here, not there. 👀

“Atlantic” Council, lmao bye.

I think you must mean “South Atlantic” Council.

The only danger they’re in, is their supply routes being cut off from Argentina or the very oddly British Falkland Islands. 👁️⃤

I swear it’s just a frozen sheet of ice guarded by a Chilean paramilitary force. Nothing but penguins, ice, and 1000 soldiers. And it somehow got “covid-19” despite being geographically isolated, closed to unvetted travel from anywhere without “the guvmint’s” permission — with mandatory isolation and screening.🍿

Because those things obviously “worked.” I mean, Antarctica for fucks sake. 🤷🏻‍♀️ You couldn’t possibly get any more guarded, screened, restricted, or locked down than Antarctica is.

Plan B was taking over Hawai’i Guam, Puerto Rico, or New Zealand or whatever and turning that into their next guarded island fortress. As I’ve said, take note of who has already gobbled up massive estates and fortresses on any of the aforementioned. This immediately informs you who they work for, looking at you, Zuckerberg.

We have developed 100 years of resiliency and resistance to their pestilence

🎶 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snooooow 🎶