This isn’t a “war” – it’s an ethnic cleansing , engineered to create a “bugout” state to flee to …. before what they did to establish their current one catches up with them.

If you can understand that, then the veil drops and you will now understand that they tried to do the same thing with America. I don’t know what lunatic asylum my dads ancestors escaped from and I don’t get many opportunities to ask him that question – I don’t even know the guy – but what I can tell you is that both sides of my moms lineage were here before America. I am a direct descendant of a Piegan chief. I am tangentially related to Albert and Zebulon Pike- I’m not clear to what degree or exactly how –

I myself am not an occultist or a Freemason but genetic memory is apparently a thing , I am smart and I am crazy but listen I’m not “that” smart , nor “that” crazy and I have no fucking idea how I even “know” half of what I “know.” The internet helps, but it didn’t exist when I was frustrating my teachers and being locked in a basement alone.

There is some talk on the Mongolian Basket Weaving/Anime forums about how some people recall being “tested” with puzzles or whatever — given a hearing test, IQ test, I can tell you they took it much further than that with me – but for the majority of you it’s a quick screen to see if you “intuitively” solve a puzzle a specific way , that was not taught to you, and has been bred or bled out of the “curve” of their study subjects.

“Each infant was examined at birth, and
all who promised undue strength were destroyed.” , page 11

If you have certain aptitudes – at a stage in your development where they can’t be accounted for by training or instruction- you’ll either be handed everything – scholarships, training, whatever — or they may just decide right then and there to shove you through the k12 to prison pipeline / garbage disposal / incinerator system where they’ll experiment on you with drugs, engage in forms of abuse degradation humiliation and stigmatization (some of which are now illegal, and all it means is that these sadists have to be more creative about how they can legally fuck you up — can you think of any RECENT controversial topics about the kind of shit they do to kids now? Great example: They do it, not for my sake as a gay man- not for “our” sake as a community, and not for our children who may or may not be gay when they grow up… they do it because they CAN. They use the goodwill and acceptance/tolerance of gays they wrestled out of you and – quite frankly – manipulated you into, under so many banners… love, diversity.. gay rights .. equality…) it’s all garbage , none of it has ever benefited me, it’s all talk, they are vicious and cruel and victimize me like they do your children today . But they do it in a way where you’re angry at “the gays” instead of the “educators.”

What role do I play in this other than to denounce it as madness and child abuse? They’d literally lock your children in a closet or flog them or give them electrical shocks or burn them with a hot poker if it were fucking legal, these bastards are fucking sick.

And they’ve done all of that to our children for generations now.

And then some.

Get under the desk for Russia everyone! Nukes incoming in 3..2..1..

Get under the desk for the “shooter drill!”

Schools routinely, systematically traumatize and terrorize their pupils , force them to participate in struggle sessions, label them , suspend and expel them, and they have weaponize the Justice system in such a way that they could get a court order to force feed you experimental drugs, or criminalize you for “truancy” or put you in jail or suspend your driver’s license if you tried to escape.

Getting your children to castrate themselves or prostitute themselves is just a “fad” and when sexualizing them , castrating them, and pimping them out becomes illegal (as it god damn well ought to) these degenerates will move on to their NEXT scheme to destroy our children’s psyches.

Why did I even attend school? I am told to “shut up” and not share my opinions, experiences, training, skills or education. I am shit listed for life from anywhere I’ve ever done so- especially DARPA’s loosh/propaganda / psyop / brainwashing / AI training / sentiment mining / marketing / targeted advertising and targeted propaganda / surveillance apparatuses such as,,, and so on and so forth.

Please explain to me what the fuck I endured the living fucking nightmare of an American public “education” for – if I am educated it’s really no thanks to them – I am educated DESPITE them , much in the same way that I’m now sober DESPITE AA and NA —

“just shut up and let our EXPERTS solve it, you fucking peasant.”

Okay, fine, but then why couldn’t I have just fucked off and ridden my bike or read a book or played in the woods instead of being abused, degraded, and experimented on by the k12 to prison pipeline? Under the threat of incarceration in juvenile detention or taking away my license or whatever if I didn’t get anything out of it.

Can anyone tell me what the fucking point was?

It wasn’t education, it was about compliance and brainwashing and subjugation.

So they killed off most of Americas original inhabitants and put the rest into camps- oops I mean, reservations.

They slaughtered hundreds of thousands of you to “free the slaves.”

They slaughtered millions of you in our banker wars and world wars.

They tried to destroy the souls of our children- and continue to do so –

I was wrong about the 18th century being an aborted enlightenment period. It was the 17th century. The 18th century, the 19th century and 20th century and so on.

“They” despise cloud walkers and purple feathers in their anti enlightenment society.

“This way of life is so devised to snuff out the mind that moves, moving with grace that men despise and women have learned to lose.”

Jeff buckley- the sky is a landfill

But to make a long story short, the effort to conquer the Indians and then conquer the “Americans” and kill THEM off next (having built the place up from nothing) failed. It failed because “insurance” is a scam taht gouges you for money and then finds excuses to nitpick, delay, deny you, and refuse to pay you or do substandard work on your car , or bully you into fucking off after a week of chiropractic care “why aren’t you better yet, let’s settle this” as if they don’t know you’ll still be injured 20 or 30 fucking years later because they deal with millions of claims a year. Tell them “fuck off, your covered / insured will pay for my medical care until I’m no longer injured.”

I’m still injured from a 40mph rear end collision 20 + years ago and got manipulated/ gaslit into settling by Progressive. I fell for it at 21.

History will show that their terminal end stage came to a climax when millions and millions and millions and millions of vehicles were deemed to be unsafe at any speed due to defective airbag components and then when they stopped even pretending that warranties or insurance were in good faith and that “now it’s time to just genocide everyone, rob the fucking place, and run before anyone even notices what’s happening.”

“now it’s time to ethnically cleanse Ukraine, run away with all of Americas “money” , and build a great big wall surveilled by patriot missles that you paid for in order to to keep you from ever avenging your country or your people.”

It was supposed to play out differently: They built all these ticky tacky cardboard houses on some of the most prime farm acreage in America . You were going to toil away for 20-40 years to pay a half million dollars to “finally be free and retire” and then your land would have been confiscated under eminent domain— like they’re doing to the Dutch farmers right now – during the planned “famine” and “food shortage.” And they think shit like this is funny. They are fucking sadists.

Press “X” to doubt?

Read your deed, title, restrictive covenants , sales contract etc closely. Many of you who bought from “big box builders” only bought surface rights to “your land” you don’t have air, water , or mineral rights. You generally don’t own the space above you or the ground below you.

They can frack for gas and oil. They can drill wells and export water. They can sell the “rights” to the ground below you out from underneath you and you can’t do shit about that because “you don’t own that.”

🎶 Ohhh sayyyy can you shart? 🎶

If that applies to you or some bitch in Dallas has the “right” to scream at you to mow your grass “or else,” sell that ticky tacky shithole and get unrestricted land that you own the water and mineral rights to and do not have some bitch in Dallas – otherwise known as a homeowners association.

You don’t “own” shit and your legal situation isn’t .. much different than someone on a land contract in Mexico. In some ways it’s even worse.

But the airbag thing happened. And they were just going to convince you that “cars are evil,” “come on, just give us the title, take a train!” (hello, is this microphone on, it’s been four years, please finish disclosing the affected years makes and models *tap tap tap* your attention please) “you can just move to a 15 minute walkable city” “Muh fuel scarcity Muh peak oil, muh climate change” *lights 700,000 gallons of jet fuel on fire to throw a test projectile at the moon*

The pensions managed by the same companies went dry.

Brexit happened.

Trump- or whoever plays him on TV – happened.

Everything accelerated.

This “war” we supposedly aren’t involved in, but funding.

“for democracy!”

The forced vaccination, social credit, surveillance and tyranny scheme — a con so old it’s in the fucking biblical book of Lamentations, if that tells you how long they’ve been trying this shit OVER AND OVER AND OVER again

Babylon was the original surveillance city / “smaaaaaart” city.

“Anyone with such a defiling disease must wear torn clothes, let their hair be unkempt, cover the lower part of their face and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’

Leviticus 13:4

They tracked our steps
So that we could not walk in our streets.
Our end was near;
Our days were over,
For our end had come.

lamentations 4:18

This anti-enlightenment satanic society wants you to burn your bible because it instructs you about all the other times they did this shit.

I am not being “anti semitic,” but the thing about the Bible, is that “Jews” view themselves as the Bible’s central protagonist. I’m not the one who says this story is about them, they are. I am told I am a “gentile” and that I don’t have a place in that story and that it’s not for me.

Fine, then why must I be obedient to it?

The problem with claiming that you are the protagonists of the Bible , is shit like this, literally verse after verse “you must kill every man woman and infant in their city” look at this shit, so vindictive they even commanded people to kill the donkeys sheep and the oxen! What the fuck did the donkey do to piss in your Cheerios? but I “owe black people reparations,” lmao bye

That is one of the reasons why I have been “lost and found” and then left again. I don’t want to be a speck of light in some “Christian” simulation and I don’t know how I ended up there in that “NDE” because I didn’t believe in “god” or any of that shit. It was beautiful but it looked boring as fuck to me.

I am tired of being told I stole America or don’t belong here or did bad things to black people. I’m Indian and Proto-indo-EuroPEON and a mongrel of whatever else they fucked along the way. If I have any regrets about my ancestors, as if I have any control over it or bear any responsibility for it then fine, I suppose I am ashamed of the fact they did not repel, deport, and execute the colonists/conquerors aggressively enough.

I will accept this and this alone as libel for the blood in my veins.

I don’t support the Biden Crime Family’s latest ethnic cleansing / colonization campaign. It’s easy to blame the Bidens – but the Bush family funded both sides of the first two world wars. Now Biden is finding this fucking shit and all I can do is look on in horror realizing that the “uniparty” is not a fucking meme. Bush or Biden. Adolf Hitler.. Same fucking thing. I’m naming name, not religions — Biden calls himself a “Catholic” after all .For war crimes and endless genocide / failed social engineer that kills 4-100 million people at a time. And they get away with it over and over and over and over and over and over again.

I’d help them pack if they promised to get the fuck off of my continent – forever.