Is that “science” just explains away the parts they don’t understand , as “junk DNA” 😂😂😂

Junk DNA

Our genetic manual holds the instructions for the proteins that make up and power our bodies. But less than 2 percent of our DNA actually codes for them. The rest — 98.5 percent of DNA sequences — is so-called “junk dna.”



  1. genomic DNA that does not encode proteins, and whose function, if it has one, is not well understood.

So they don’t even fucking understand what 98% of it is or what it does.

But they want to edit it , in every goddamn man woman and child on earth- and especially Americans.

That’s the stupidest fucking idea I’ve ever heard of in my entire life.

It’s all just amino acid chains with fixed molecular weights, and they keep moving molecules around to re patent and protect pharmaceutical monopolies.

“Oh let’s just add a flouride ring here and see what it does.”

Things break.

Or they pull Zantac (or is it Zyrtec, whatever) off the market because (like NAC or carbon , or possibly graphite – disputed -) it gobbles up free radicals – and nobody wants that!

“HIV” – its opening start codon and exon – the “GAG” sequence and triggers a p24 “positive” Elisa result , is nothing more than the scaffolding for a cell. It commonly appears in what you call “DNA. repair” (chromosomes are real, every cell in your body is created from a copy of your chromosomes) but the rest of it is bullshit.

If we’re comfortable calling “DNA” 98% junk, how far of a stretch is it to call it 100% junk?

What if I said there’s an explanation that adds up?

You know what.. I don’t want to be a fucking slave.

If we’re not free in 2023, you can all go to hell.
You want to do something useful in the meantime?

You can, and should, continue looking at donations and bribes from the people you’re already doing that for.

Now, add donations kickbacks and bribes from late 2019 to the present from the auto industry to your research list. I will start with one that you might already be familiar with and have already asked yourself about.

Jeep and Cheap, what a great re-election slogan for Joe and Kamala Harris.

Oh no no no no no, Jeep sisters. Not like this!

“Journalism.” Not Even Once. ™

I’m not saying another fucking word about public health until some reporters do their fucking jobs.

Or scientists, that would be acceptable too.