That’s nothing! If you want some crazy unironic schizo content on v2k tortureware, there’s some right wing conspiracy site called “

You wouldn’t even believe the shit these whack jobs are into.

How about this fancy new technology called “confetti tags” aka the “anti felon ID tag” — that’s just for law enforcement use .

Wait until you find out about the nano tagging they used at all the “peaceful protests.” That’s military grade shit.

They can ID every single one you participated in.

I would have told you sooner but you kept talking about how you wanted me dead , fired from my job, removed from society and commerce and stuff and I went “ah fuck it, I’m gonna let ‘em.”

But I also enjoy browsing conspiracy theories that are totally made-up, paranoid, fanciful, delusional shit and not literally a matter of declassified public record freely available on various state, local, and federal government websites.

Like this one. Lol, tin foil hat or what?

Oh, wait, what, they mounted one in the ceiling above a prison unit in Los Angeles?

I dunno, the source is pretty sketchy… nobody actually believes anything NBC publishes.


That’s hilarious, Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota uses those on people too.