I do not mean , in any way, to disrespect any of the more thoughtful or compassionate healthcare providers I had in California, Austin, or Chicago.

I never visited them or had any experiences with them — good or bad — in the time leading up to “covid” , and/or during that.

I did have somewhat unfortunate ER encounters in Arizona and Texas that I’d rate as being worse than a Mexican jail. I was given Tylenol and sent home to die with encephalitis.

Once upon a time I remarked that America was a stupid place where you don’t have the “right to repair” your body, your tractor, or your electronic devices anymore. I don’t agree with all of Colorado’s machinations or policies or politics – it’s such a beautiful place, I wish I could tolerate the altitude and just see it one more time — but congratulations on doing the right thing about the tractor question.

I didn’t really set out to make enemies or put anyone down, it’s just, that among you , there were those said you couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything for me, to shut up about it, and just die.

Or in the case of Seton Medical Center, they literally put me in jail, mid heart attack , and fucking laughed about it. Their CEO destroyed any record of me ever being a “patient” and denies I ever received treatment there. Me and my insurance company sure as fuck received a lot of BILLS from them and I sure as fuck have a misdemeanor on my record from them.

This is where I burn with the fires of hell for that profession and I do not mean to frustrate , insult, or disrespect anyone who is doing the best they can with the information or resources they have to work with. If you are one of the good ones, you are now presented with other information, please consider it even if you respectfully disagree.

As for the orange man out there crying that fauci and Pfizer tricked him, “when you’re president, not everything is your fault but it is your responsibility.” Fauci was promoted and given a raise, so , you’re a terrible fucking manager with bad judgement about your advisors , staff, and those whom you would delegate a crisis to.

I’m not going to give you “medical advice” but , you left me to fucking die — more than once — and left me no choice but to take care of myself- because even with insurance, you refused to.

You “criminalized” seeking medical care with insurance long before the “pandemic” and that’s why I am disgusted and don’t trust or believe your profession on the whole.

Fuck you if you have censored me for that sentiment. It’s the ugly goddamn truth about you and I already knew some of you were biased, disgusting monsters who would drag someone out to an alley on Skid Row or tell me I’m a piece of shit “and you’re tired of people like me” to my face — before the “pandemic” fed your power tripping evil motherfucking egos and encouraged you to treat your patients worse than you already were in the first place.

Maybe this whole situation opened everyone else’s eyes about what some of your extremely deranged, willfully negligent, and/or malicious peers are capable of.

But I was, unfortunately already wide awake.

I’m not doxxing or harassing or naming that fucking cunt , I gave her a pseudonym: Sociopathia Kevorkian. There is true and painful story somewhere under that veneer of facetiousness.

I could not “comply” with those nice ASSHOLES from the Austin Police Department who were ordering me to walk up a hill god damn well aware I was having a heart attack. Yeah, hilarious right?

Those cops are fuckheads, ACAB, indeed. The thing I couldn’t really meet some of my former so-called friends in the middle with, was that they’re also fascist murderous jackasses to white people. You’re an asshole if nothing like this has ever happened to you in your sheltered black ass life, and you want me to feel sorry for something that never happened to you.

If you deny, minimize, gaslight me, and say this doesn’t happen or doesn’t matter- you’re on their side, you are the enemy, you are enabling the fascist and you’re too fucking far gone to see it.

Nothing good I ever tried to do with my life mattered – doesn’t even fucking bear mentioning – because at the end of the day, everyone threw me in the garbage, fuck Ron and his “Titanic” meeting out of the AA book, what a crock of absolute shit, I wasn’t even in the “steerage,” I was in the water being circled by some bitchy MF’ing SHARKS!

As much as I’d love to have “listened to an expert” or “trusted an America doctor” you had a little problem with your personal biases , deeming me as a loser who belongs in a prison cell or to die without care for declining your ultimatums.

“Some of us tried religion, psychiatry, and medicine before we came to NA” hahahahahahahaha and then THOSE FUCKS called me a “scrawny diseased pervert with a short time to live” and taunted me to kill myself, overdose or die, or even threatened to “help.”

How far we fell from “healthcare is a human right.”

Even with a $135,000/yr salary and a “Cadillac PPO” from United Healthcare, the bitch said I was “abusing the system.”

Imagine what she thinks of the indigent/uninsured.

No thanks to her, or anyone who treated me in Arizona, I stand alone in this because I had no choice. Well- I take that back- I ended up having a somewhat contrarian nature after I was given a goddamned ultimatum to take an untested genetic therapy that has failed every single time it was tested in the 1990s and in 2013, that I didn’t wantfor a disease that I didn’t have,

WELL AWARE of the Nuremberg Code and my federal civil right to informed consent and voluntary participation under CFR 45 46- a subsection of which makes any “immunity” provision illegal, null, and void. I have blogged about it, I have cited it in the 9th Circuit / Arizona District Court , even if they did laugh me out of there , and everyone continued to press me even after I informed them of the fact that what they were proposing to me was federally illegal, a violation of my federal civil rights, and a violation of Nuremberg laws.

And they just fucking laughed.

Pardon me if I never returned to your office again and “chose my own battles” if I was going to be left with no “choice” other than to be a fucking lab rat.

Q: What does this photo mean?

A: It means that I have my tachycardia under control, which is something $1000/mo for 7 different prescriptions could not accomplish.

I’d love to tell you more about it but someone will scream that it’s “misinformation” and that I’m a danger to “their” democracy and kick me off of yet another goddamned platform or two or five.

You…… can do whatever you’re going to do … and you can live with whatever it brings you, just like I have to live with the consequences of some less than positive or intelligent choices that I made in the past every single day for the rest of my life.

If you were a bully in some asshole 12-step group who thought it was funny that I have “HIV” or that I was as ill as I was at the time, depart from me, I never knew you. 20 months next week and literally no thanks to any of you cult face mother fuckers.