They gave you “vaccines” that created resistance to aminoglycosides.

And then they shoved swabs up your nose that were contaminated with four types of bacteria – at least two of them being aminoglycoside-resistant bacteria.

Supposedly so goddamn hard they broke the blood-brain barrier on people.

And they want to you to wear a mask and let that aminoglycoside-resistant pneumonia get nice and moist and grow in there. “Oh, but the swab says it’s covid, no antibiotics for you!”

The FDA says bacteria discovered in liquid tubes that come with the test kits include Enterococcus, Enterobacter, Klebsiella [pneumonia] and Serratia, which can lead to potentially dangerous infections, especially in people with compromised immune systems. So far, the FDA says it has not received any reports of injuries or deaths linked to contaminated tests. (CBS News May 5, 2023)

Compromised immune systems? As in, they’d taken an “SV-40 promoter” recently?

Aren’t people with “compromised immune systems” the ones they’re pushing the hardest to swab and mask up?

On top of that they yielded “false positives” so the hospital would just say “oh, it’s covid, no antibiotics for you”, give you tylenol and fucking ignore you and provide esssentially no care while you writhed and died, gasping for oxygen.

“The FDA says it hasn’t received any reports”


And if they had, they wouldn’t tell you and YOU WOULDN’T REPORT ON IT, YOU PRESSTITUTE HACKS.

We started lying and saying it was “because of vape lung” , which turned some peoples lungs to jelly in 2019 just like “aids” did. First wave. They called tens of millions of illnesses “influenza” for that season despite public records from the CDC proving that less than one million samples were TESTED let alone conclusively “positive” , the other few tens of millions of diagnoses were inferential. Undocumented and untested by public health labs. “It’s the flu. Just go home, take water , soup, that will be $30,000 please.”


You say it can be treated with aminoglycosides and quinonlones ? What are those?

Wow, HCQ cleared up my “covid!” “No it didn’t! Misinformation! BAN HIM, ELON! Experts say! Studies say! HCQ is DANGEROUS! You’re dangerous for my democracy! Put him against the wall!” Hahaha you know what else is dangerous ? THE FUCKING COVID SWAB TESTS! LOL

Klebsiella Pneumonia

oh your pneumonia is covid sweetie, we can’t treat a virus. NO ! SWEATY! DON’T TAKE YOUR MEDS!”

What are the odds or the statistical probability — for you science lovers — that they’d be the EXACT same fucking drugs I have been ranting about since April 14th (including earlier today!)