After seven years of presstitutes and “college educated” dickheads gaslighting us and moving goalposts around by telling us that words no longer mean exactly what the fuck they are commonly understood and well-documented as “meaning,” (and/or editing “dictionaries” and WikiPedo to support their agitprop) I refuse to believe for one second that Castreau gives a fuck about what words mean, but just so we’re all on the same page: coercing someone into fucking you is not “encouragement,” it’s “rape.

Coercion is different from the use of brute force to completely defeat an adversary, because it aims to modify the behaviour of an opponent, ideally through threats and, at most, the limited and demonstrative use of force.

Source: Britannica (at least until tHEY EDIT THIS TOPIC TO TWIST ITS MEANING AROUND in support of THeir war crimes.)

WikiPedo agrees with me, isn’t that where you clowns go to re-invent all your truth and facts? 🤡

Archive, before they Ministry of Truth runs as fast as they can to re-define rape next: