Ron! failed to launch, time to trot out Ted! and Marco! and Jeb! This re-run SUCKS. Who the F picks these people? BOOOOOOOOO 🍅

I don’t give a fuck about the imaginary “debt ceiling.” (LOL, lmao even) (debt ceiling, LOLLLLLLLLL)

It’ll expose every single last goddamned agency who claims they’re out of money and then somehow revises their accounting methods to find a few billion or trillion dollars they’d “spent.” Oh wow omg 😆

My body is ready. Two more weeks. Literally. 🍿

“Can you imagine all the goodness that we take for granted?”

While the news kvetches over another unwanted puppet for the Satanic World Order nobody asked for…

> Reminder that DARPA literally invented this but gave the liability of testing it to Elon.

YSK: DARPA also “invented the internet,” – so unless Al Gore and/or his father (the late Al Gore Sr.) were also DARPA puppets…

Semi-regular reminder that DARPA- who invented the internet and the “vaccines” and neuralink — with some of the biggest initial recipients of ipv4 address space being the DOD, HP, Compaq, Telenet, IBM, and several “universities.” Look up who they all are. That’s it, that is “the list.”

MIT, recipient of Epstein’s money. They all conspired to “traffick” you. Gates. Maxwell. Epstein. Barr (Epstein Barr virus, lol). That’s Ghislaine’s client (and victim) list and you must never know. “Words have multiple meanings.” Like “trafficking.”

It started out only having support for 8-bit numbers , they started panicking about “overpopulation” around 1978, the protocol was revised to 32 bit in September 1981.. which supports 4.x billion IPV4 addresses .. but “unfortunately” we have more devices and people than that . IBM’s old “targeting technology” doesn’t support ipv6 or >32 bit addressing schemes. (I was born a couple months before this update and addressing scheme was released.)

It works. And lots of people born before September 1981 have suffered greatly from it. It doesn’t scale up to the entire population and has all the caveats of HAM radio and sunspots because the prototype is literally AMPRNET. It is described , accurately if not vaguely, in “The Machine Stops,” from the year 1908.

But it was fully fifteen seconds before the round plate that she held in her hands began to glow. A faint blue light shot across it, darkening to purple, and presently she could see the image of her son, who lived on the other side of the earth, and he could see her.

She fancied that he looked sad. She could not be sure, for the Machine did not transmit nuances of expression. It only gave a general idea of people — an idea that was good enough for all practical purposes, Vashti thought.

YSK: It is a “federal” requirement that hospitals keep records of “fetal monitor records” from AIX for “10 years from the age of majority.” Unlike other records where they are only compelled to keep them for 6 years, (Translation: Until you’re 28 years old. )

They use this as a fingerprint for biosurveillance, they have “had this for years” and are looking for their “Pearl Harbor moment” the exact same way “Joe Biden” used 9/11 to RUN his 6-year-old Surveillance Omnibus Bill down the hall to John Ashcroft’s office and enact it for the so called Patriot Act. I guess if no one else wants to try to explain this, fine, I will.

(So who does support the larger addressing scheme? Freescale Technologies, of which Blackrock was 4% owner, and Jacob Rothschild “inherited” a bulk of the royalties for their their KL03 -with an 80-bit unique identification number per chip — whose Chinese inventors were “killed” or missing in action or whatever on MH370, thereby leaving their patents to Freescale Semiconductors of Austin TX (one of the dirtiest fucking cities in this country) – which is now the privately owned “NXP Semiconductors”)

If you’re wondering “what on earth would they have over Congress , that they give out tens and hundreds of billions of dollars in “foreign aid..” “research grants” “war efforts” etc… well, that’s it. The blackmail finally bankrupted the country and they still won’t tell you the truth.