The CIA pioneered “learned helplessness” and used it on people in GITMO who have not been charged or convicted for a crime.

The concept of learned helplessness, a psychological phenomenon in which people who face persistent adversity effectively give up and lose the capacity to attempt to improve their situations — Seligman’s original research on the subject, from the 1960s, involved shocking dogs— was put to use by Mitchell and Jessen in their dealings with the CIA, and it echoes in the report: “SWIGERT had reviewed research on ‘learned helplessness,’ in which individuals might become passive and depressed in response to adverse or uncontrollable events. 

The entire American society is so devised as well. Everywhere you turn for “help” you get fucked over by the revolving door , stigmatized, discouraged, and discriminated against until you just fucking go away or die. As George Carlin famously said, we call it the “American Dream” because you’d have to be walking in your fucking sleep in order to believe in it.

Until America treats its own citizens with dignity and gives them any meaningful hope or “inconspicuous live changing transformations in their souls” , my advice to you, is , whoever you are, whatever your citizenship, do not betray your country or your blood for America’s sake.

  • “This” is not the life most of us dreamed of.
  • It may or may not be the path we chose. I am consciously walking a path of my own choosing- something you can still do here for now – but be prepared for everyone to think you’re maladaptive, insane, or a loser for doing so because Americans are brain dead fucking sheep chucking rocks at each other on command when the TV tells them to.
  • “The lives of some people are more important than others” because this government tolerates racial strife and one-sided messages of division and hate, Black Lives Matter, white people should all sterilize themselves and go extinct etc. I don’t know “who decides” that and I don’t see a single fucking branch of the United States government doing anything to stop it – somehow, one is “hate speech” and the other is “protected” and applauded speech, you’d have to be an absolute fool to serve the MIC who reinforces the propaganda that you’re evil and this world is better off without you.
  • Enduring this shit isn’t “heroic. “ Rape victims aren’t “heroes” they’ve survived brutality and violence that scars them , haunts them, and makes them afraid of the night and other people. It might be “heroic” and fierce in some sense to dust yourself off and press on with every shred of determination left in your soul but don’t fucking romanticize it, some people will still be fucked up fifty years after they’re wounded. Humans are tenacious like that, it’s why we are not extinct YET. Abusers: unmoved, unchanged, and already on to their next victim , don’t give a fuck if you hurt or remember or forgive or forget or live or die. “The tree remembers and the axe forgets.”
  • Communists hate people voting with their feet. A domestic abuser thinks you’ll never have the courage to leave. We know we are in a fucking prison. We are in a state of learned helplessness that the CIA designed and has used RUTHLESSLY against prisoners who committed no crime, and THEN its own citizenry after it got away with THAT.
  • We do not succumb easily to lies. Otherwise you wouldn’t fight tooth and nail to silence us, censor us, divide us, and make us so hateful and afraid of one of another that we never start that whisper that turns into a revolution and puts an end to your shit.
  • We already know that “reality” isn’t what it’s advertised to be, by the CIA’s blackmailed and bought Mockingbird shitbirds. Just 20 years ago sending “CNN to my porch with cameras” was considered a threat — today? Come on down bitch, bring your camera. Fuck it, let’s do it live! But you won’t, because I’m not black enough or blackmailed enough to speak “truth” to power with your permission — and today, you are far more terrified of a live camera rolling in my face than you terrorized me and tried to make ME afraid of in 2002. Our government is no better than Russias. It might be even worse.

The media disinformation complex distorts reality and keeps us prisoners of an intentionally traumatized and limited frame of perception where we make poor choices because we are overwhelmed with falsehoods and a 24/7 klaxon of real and imaginary perils to our survival on television, in print, and other places the government knows damn well where to find the editor or shut down their press or tear down their tv towers – NO accountability for the information coming from publishers, editors, press radios television and film – but god forbid I make ONE SINGLE *ALLEGEDLY* “incorrect” tweet or I’m silenced for LIFE.

  • The media can engage in slander, trial by press, defamation, and 24/7 life ruin pouring into your living room about their enemies with no consequences , no timeouts, no “suspensions” and no clipping of their wings or denial of their “reach.”
  • Elon Musk — who isn’t even a FUCKING AMERICAN — gets to decide who has the “privilege” of “free speech “ or “reach” of Americans on PURE WHIM rather than any legal or constitutional basis because HE bought his way into it with his cobalt child labor mining money. They say “freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences for speech” then they get on television and say “I bought my way into saying WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT and dont care about consequences.” Please do the planet and country a solid and deport this son of a bitch already.
  • Isn’t it so much easier to pretend that all the misinformation , propaganda, and 24/7 fear porn comes from “Russian” trolls — and that the phone call isn’t coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE?
  • Speaking of blaming Russia for everything – and 58 years of “Russia bad! Get under the desk Russia is going to drop a nuke on our school any day now! It’s all russias fault! Russians are trolls! Russia did it!” And now you’re appealing to them? “Help us, Russia! Heeeeeeeeeeep!” You have some mother fucking nerve, CIA.
  • Oh, you people believe in “revolutions” alright – you specialize in “revolutions”, you orchestrate a new one for George Soros every other fucking month, and whenever there’s an election for you to fuck with — anywhere in the world. You’re only afraid of revolutions that you’re not planning, funding, and completely in control of.
  • There is a lot to be said for. “Small inconspicuous changes” in someone’s soul, but your organization is one of the things that stands in the way of a transformational paradigm shift that lifts everyone’s sails and frees us from our collective misery. No one should have to work for you to have some dignity , reclaim their souls, or breathe again.
  • True change will occur when all the three letter agencies who front for Interpol (temporarily Europol due to BRExit complicating their botched attempt at merging our economies and borders on the north end – and moving that effort to the eastern end, in Ukraine) are exposed and the ashes are scattered to the four winds.
  • That organization has never done anything to correct this perception on my part or anyone else’s yet. By all means prove me wrong. Until then, your message fits your usual pattern of “hope before betrayal.” It sounds nice in a tweet or a brochure but says a lot that you want to reach out to Russians and give them hope or opportunities when you couldn’t care less if America and everyone in it fucking died. What message did we get? A poster showing the “new cia” and a bunch of non white diversity hires on January 6, 2021. Who made that? Netflix?
  • You’re not reaching out to us. You have no kind words for us. You say nothing about lifting out sails or our souls. But you offer it all to… Russia. If only they’ll betray their country and “help” you.

GLE. I’m not “anti American,” but America is certainly publicly posturing itself against me and everything I stand for. After all the shit this government and its jackboots and its scoundrels and its thieves have done to persecute us and try to take us for everything we are, have, and stand for – I don’t see any words of hope or encouragement or opportunities extended to my country or its citizens. Just to Russia. Seriously.

How did we go, from “i aid and comfort the russian enemy by wearing a stupid fucking red hat or tweeting an autistic looking frog,” to the CIA literally recruiting them with the second-most bald faced bullshit I’ve ever seen this government dangle in front of anyone’s face second only to anything Trump ever promised in one of his “campaign rallies.”

He sure did “drain the swamp,” though.

“The swamp” unbuckled , and unzipped and then Trump got down on his knees and “drained” the swamp until its balls and its forehead caved in.

Speaking of unabated lies on Twitter with unabated “reach” extended by Elon Musk – can someone who isn’t banned please tell the FuckMeInTheA**enStein brothers that “Magneto” is dead, and that means they’re going to have to get a real job?

Speaking of getting a real job, it’s my turn too.

I’m going to be doing data crunching on grades, performance, and problematic trends in k-12 learning. Don’t worry, I won’t have any contact with students and I’m not some kind of drag queen who is on a list that says I can’t be within 1000 feet of the property either – but the real reason you don’t want me around kids is because I’ll start telling them about history.

Kids are amazing when they’re 5 or 6 or 7 years old and have 8 million questions about everything, “why, why, why,” and “how does that work… “ grandparents are so chill because they have time for all that- idk, then the next thing you know they dye their hair blue and get all angry and sullen and stop wondering or marveling about the world anymore.

I will probably get fired immediately upon turning in a report that concludes that “school” is what is doing this to them and “why” their grades are declining but it’ll be the most fun six months I’ve ever had in my life.

My boss has concerns, but I go in on Thursday to have my first neck tattoo lasering session and I sent him a picture of me in a kufi hat.

I said “don’t worry, leftists with purple hair and phDs kneel before the Muslim Chad.” PHEER.

He cracked up. If only I knew 20 years ago that a piece of cloth could be more subversive or triggering than ink on my skin – or would have freed up my liver and a lot of macrophages to do more important things than spend their entire life attacking a tattoo.

It’s not exciting subterfuge like committing treason or being a spy for the CIA but it’s all I have left to live for or look forward to anymore.

unless.. maybe.. unless Fred meant that and says it again sober. In which case, I’ll tease him by pointing his s&w .40 at him and telling him to pick out his least stained underwear and jeans and get in the car RIGHT NOW. He’d find that funny.

That’s why I like that one.

Some pretty weird stuff going on down here right now, speaking of heavily armed individuals. I checked into a familiar old spot at 1:00am and was greeted by a young man with quite an impressive piece. I barely even glanced at it and gave him a friendly “hola.”

He went and sat back down on the couch with a “never fucking mind” expression as I checked in.

I don’t think I want to be on either side of this border right now. I don’t know if it’s exactly a secret. If you pick up a newspaper here it actually explains everything. Weird, I know, right, I’m not used to that ever happening in America. Can’t wait to go pick up a paper on the other side and read a front page article about , I don’t know , Taylor Swifts new “boy” friend , or how Pepsi enhances your sexual performance or“how driving slow in the left lane causes heart attacks according to experts.” (that’s one use of DEWs and dystopian technology I might actually cheer for.)

I’ll shut up now. Because I’m an immigrant, not a spy.