As I said, empty suit for Bill Gates and DARPA.

lmao, bye

Hope before betrayal.

Every mother fucking time.

他鼓勵人們對他的政府和政策提出批評。 他說服了成千上萬的人公開反對他,並提出了不同的解決方案。 一年後,他逮捕了 55 萬批評政府的人。
試圖找出不同意他的知識分子是誰是陷阱。 55萬人要么被勞教、勞教,要么被處決。

Fun fact: “labor camps” and “re-education camps” are the same phrase (RTL) in Chinese.

Elon, I don’t know let’s just say that I don’t trust him or believe a fucking word he says, you can go read CDAN if you want details but he’s an empty suit for DARPA. Taibibi and Weiss are — or were — his paid press glad handlers doing a shoddy damage control operation you’ve already forgotten about. His hand at running Twitter is a modern day General Mao’s effort to get you back onto the digital plantation for the sequel to 100 Flowers. Except .. well, he’s still just as much of a ban happy prick as his predecessors.