Right, and I’m still banned for posting truthful information that Twitter itself has publicly acknowledged as being truthful. I’m judging, okay.

Here- I’ll post it again. DARPA and Moderna were testing that vaccine they “came up with in record time in a matter of weeks” in May of 2019.

(They’d been working on it for 54 years. With multiple deadly failures in 1976, 1990s, 20xx’s.)

DARPA and Moderna were extremely salty when someone discovered that ivermectin worked against chikungaya in February of 2016.

Even better news! We didn’t need a goddamned chikungaya vaccine! But you kept funding and testing it for three more years anyway. Why?

(Archive: https://archive.is/13D6N )


History is already going to be unkind to you and your company without getting on my bad side.

This is what I said on May 17, 2021:

Five days later; on May 21, 2021:


And here it is.. from February 5, 2016, even:


All pre-meditated since 1965 – the aptly named “The Gathering Storm: When the Voice of Reason is Silenced” :

Just like John F Kennedy warned us.