I’ve mentioned them before.

I have arrived at a possibly novel , and possibly important “what and why” about them.

I believe it’s directly related to events going back 40 years (at least) to the present.

I don’t feel like sharing.

This asshole prison planet wants me in a cage.

This asshole prison planet blames me for its problems when I only ever offer it solutions and ask for absolutely nothing

This asshole prison planet threw me in a garbage can, stuck me in a corner on time out, or literally in a prison cell and rubbed my nose in everyone else’s shit in the carpet for pretty much my entire life.

This asshole prison planet wants me to OD or suicide. Or that it’d be funny if I died of “aids.”

The “Justice” system ignores me, and the conduct of these perpetrators. It doesn’t protect and serve shit, it just sets people up. Fuck those pricks.

This asshole prison planet taunts my skin color and curses me and wishes death on me for that as well.

I think that- for as long as that’s how you conduct yourselves as a society, and that for as long as you clap like seals for all of it- all of it -you deserve whatever happens to you. Whatever you wish upon me reflects upon you and will happen to you as well.

This asshole prison planet should learn some fucking manners – I don’t even give a fuck what happens to it . Who would after all of that?

I have already partially answered it. But the next step is explaining why chimerism is fake news because DNA is fake news.

Crick and Watson are frauds. It goes all the way back to pasteurization— which did not discover a new pathogen or “virus,” but a constituent of whatever used to pass for “milk” that preferred to bind to the porcelain substrate in his filters instead of bones and teeth in your body. We are going to go extinct if you permanently silence anyone capable of independent thought just so some CUNT can have “her turn” in the Oval Office the way that you have — if you can’t go back that far to unravel every lie that was predicated upon that errant analysis of what was in his filter. Pasteurization caused more (profitable) disease than it ever prevented and everyone’s ok with it “as long as their team wins,” we are all losing.

You can only cover up and lie about or censor so many things before you believe your lies to be the truth and there is nobody left who remembers or has the ability to solve the puzzle.

Some people think it’s their job to save the world.

Reading that dumb son of a bitch Musk whining about how high the stakes are for his bank account made me want to fucking puke.

I am here to indict this world as it has indicted me.

That’s all. Chuck your rocks , you dumb bastards.

Have your “muh politics “ and your “reach.”, im dead serious: fuck all of you.

Of Jersusalem, the Edomites screamed “let it burn.”