mRNA was discovered in 1961, and nobody wants to take credit for it 🤔

Oh look, it’s still legal to think in Japan!

For now.

  1. Contaminating everyone with SV40 from 1940-1960 in Merck’s polio vaccines wasn’t an “accident.”
  2. SV40 facilitates the insertion of DNA transcription that *doesnt fucking belong there* and that’s not an accident either. Yes, perhaps it causes cancer and AIDS, but genetic manipulation was always the goal.
  3. My understanding is that this *exacerbates* or *induces* existing SV40 infection , rather than causing it. But they don’t deserve any benefit of the doubt from anyone anymore.

Just for funzies:

Translation: They can sell pork as “chicken” , and shitty unnamed major agro producers have probably been doing this since 2014. They’re allowed to slaughter the animals for meat and sell them with no waiting period post -injection. What could go wrong?



Hotdogs and hamburgers, anyone?