“If you take [a HIV vaccine], and then a year goes by and everybody’s fine, then you say, OK, that’s good, now let’s give it to 500 people; and then a year goes by and everything’s fine. You say, Well, then, now let’s give it to thousands of people, and then you find out that it takes twelve years for all hell to break loose, and then what have you done?”

Anthony fauci – in documentary «Surviving AIDS» (Feb. 1999). Archivei: https://archive.is/sBnQb – falsely attributed to DAVID BALTIMORE, MD in the “transcript.” See this post for details.

Did you know:

That the “HIV medicine” Lamuvidine” is nothing but an analog of of cytidine?

Let me put that in language some of you will understand better: It’s an analog, in the sense that GBL and 1,4,butenediol are analogs of “GHB.”

What’s cytadine?

So let me guess, you think “groceries are expensive” , but you don’t blink at paying $1000 a month for umm.. an organ meat/yeast multivitamin tablet.

What about Triumeq? It contains “Abacavir”

Abacavir (ABC) is a powerful nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) used to treat HIV and AIDS. Chemically, it is a synthetic carbocyclic nucleoside and is the enantiomer with 1S, 4R absolute configuration on the cyclopentene ring. In vivo, abacavir sulfate dissociates to its free base, abacavir.

Mommy, what’s a carbocyclic nucleoside?

They’re found in natural products. Aristeromycin (patent expired 2003) is an analog of Adenosine and Neplanocin A (patent expired 2003) , numerous other patents related to their synthesis or optimization expired +/- 2006. Just move a molecule and boom, what’s old is “new” again in pharmaceuticals, or “novel” in their parlance.

Just so you FULLY understand the importance/ implications of this, these analogs were discovered and patented in 1985 by a Japanese scientist- and there’s a third one I can’t remember offhand that Japan also came up with a year or two later. So , they wait until the patents expired in 2003 and 2005, respectively, to move a molecule, patent that as a novel approved multimillion dollar blockbuster therapeutic. So people had to die for twenty years because the “wrong people” synthesized and patented an effective treatment in the 1980s. The fucked up part about it is that they’re all “analogs” of a naturally occurring substance . Take for example the blood thinner “warfarin” — aka Coumadin, which is an analog of coumarin , derived from the Tonka tree and native to Guyana- which can’t be patented or monetized because it’s a natural substance. So it’s more like a 35+ year search for “how can we move a molecule or two and commercialize this?”

To make a long story short, the “patent office”and “allopathic” medicine are fucking frauds on the public , a scheme to take homeopathic and natural remedies, create “analogs” of them and then take patents out on them to secure your monopoly and sales. Tell me why you need a “research and development department” in cases where you can synthesize a naturally occurring substance?

And what are the long term consequences for naturally occurring substances and amino chains when you nudge a molecule here and there every few years to keep the cash flowing in?

Well, one day, the amino chains shatter the “computer models” your dumbshit “AI” came up with , and they go “nah, we want to bind in this order instead.” = potential public health disaster.

Adenosine is one of the four building blocks of RNA and DNA. It is essential to all life. This is why “adenovirus” based “vaccines” — which exploit Adenosine — are mRNA technology.

Guess what else interferes with DNA and RNA synthesis?


Caffeine, the most widely used psychoactive compound, is an adenosine receptor antagonist. It promotes wakefulness by blocking adenosine A 2A receptors (A 2A Rs) in the brain, but the specific neurons on which caffeine acts to produce arousal have not been identified.

look it up.

And so on, and so forth.

I propose that coffee occupies adenosine receptors thereby non-selectively blocking adenosine receptors that are supposed to be synthesizing RNA and DNA in your brain , and that coffee is actually harmful for you and contributes to “immunodeficiencies.”

The effect being noted by these researchers is that once the damage is done, I “suppose” you’re non-selectively preventing some harmful RNA/DNA from being encoded, and any perceived benefit is masking the problem but I see this as a chicken or an egg question.

What benefits would there be to blocking the transcription of maladaptive RNA if you didn’t HAVE ANY?

Guess what else blocks adenosine receptors?

Methylxanthines – such as caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine – are naturally occurring substances found in coffee, tea, and chocolate that block adenosine receptors.

Oh no no no no Hersheys Sisters. So THATS why covid-19 disproportionately affects fat people?

And why do we race to find new, patentable analogs when the old analogs — or the actual substance being synthesized- already works?

Oh, right, there isn’t any money in it.

So why is (or, well, was?) Norfloxacin important?

Because it doesn’t do this, like other antibiotics:

I’m not saying “antibiotics cause AIDS” (or hepatitis or “covid”) but IF they did, it would probably be because quite a lot of them are toxic to topoisomerase and telomerase.

Want to do some light reading? https://www.nature.com/articles/s41419-020-2395-2/

“A problem” with antibiotics and/or HIV treatment is the destruction of top2a. (topoisomerase II). So they have quietly backed down the floroquinones to a smaller group of them that are only active against topoismerase IV.

Quinolones like HCQ are NON SELECTIVE about which DNA gyrase they destroy. So yeah, sure, they’ll reduce HIV or “covid” “viral” load by indiscriminately whacking DNA gyrase , whether it’s good or bad. Some of the floroquinones such as norfloxacin, target Topoisomerase 2 — which “HIV” depends on, to replicate — *selectively*, without attacking DNA gyrase that’s part of your chromosomes/human genome and presumably should be encoded.

Solve this, and you solve “immunodeficiency.”

P53, you don’t say:

Inhibition of HIV early replication by the p53 and its downstream gene p21 – https://virologyj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12985-018-0959-x

This is why Norfloxacin and Etfak are “antiviral” — despite being “antibiotics” — they go after topoisomerase — if I have this correct they do so selectively, and precisely, in a way that doesn’t harm the RNA and DNA that actually belong to your host chromosomes/ genome. They go after things that don’t belong there. Unlike a lot of other antibiotics and cancer drugs. Like AZT and doxyrubicin.

And you can’t have them.

I mean, unless you have a compounding pharmacy up the road, like some of us.

Why am I on this tangent today? Because Biktarvy is shit, and after three years of it being shoved down my throat all I’ve seen is my cd4 plummeting and no longer being “undetectable.”

I am buying unauthorized substances from said compounding pharmacy and I have improved both numbers, which three years of that shit has not accomplished.

The doctor was nice enough to see me with no appointment and put in an order to switch with minutes to close. I made a specific request that I don’t want that Truvada garbage in my body.

He argued it wasn’t “Truvada” and I said “I know, one’s TAF and one is TDF, they’re both tenofovir , and there are class action lawsuits about it shattering bones and destroying organs right now and I don’t want that poison in my body.”

So here we are, I’m about to be switched to an overpriced yeast pill and an adenosine analog. That’s where I get to reading ingredients and mechanisms of action and wondering:

Can’t I just drink beer, eat organ meats and chocolate? Or whatever?

Same fucking thing, apparently.

NARRATOR: “The AIDS cocktails have kept many patients alive much longer than would have been imaginable at the beginning of the epidemic; but as they are more and more widely used, life-threatening side effects that no one expected are developing, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

The side effects that we fear the most, obviously, are those kinds of side effects that affect internal organs and can make people quite ill, or cause them to be admitted to the hospital. And it’s possible that long-term side effects of these drugs will turn out to be worse than we anticipated, and I think patients are extremely aware of that risk.”

«Surviving AIDS» (Feb. 1999). Archivei: https://archive.is/sBnQb

Are we sure they’re “extremely aware of that risk” ?

Because last I’d heard, “oh girl, it ain’t no thing, you just take a pill.”

Hell, let’s give it to EVERYONE, girl! Are they aware of the risks?

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