… you allowed yourselves to be pandered to and co-opted for corporate interests , to sell you beer and American Express cards and stupid shit on NBC.

… to shill for Hillary and tear your “community” in half , going full metal BPD split on everyone even tangentially connected to your social sphere: “IF YOU ____, THEN YOU_____” “you’re dead to me” etc.

(Are you enjoying your UBI and your freedom from college loans? Are you going to mindlessly rally behind the next person who promises you that , and cut out the tongue of anyone who says they’re lying again?)

… to giddily proclaim how you’d go from door to door executing people for refusing to allow their bodies to be trafficked into medical experimentation

(this is why I don’t support gay indoctrination, and only support people who were born into this and not brainwashed into it.)

… hell hath no fury like queer activism and they have tried their best to weaponize it.

… disappointing that so many rose to the occasion and were brainwashed and co-opted by literal corporate fascists.

… it could have been much worse.

The backlash will be pretty reprehensible- and nobody will be mad at the corporatists , the statists, the engineers or orchestrators of what has happened here. They’ll be celebrated and anyone who doesn’t sing their praises like you did will be silenced. Including you. Because you gave them that power and clapped like seals over it.

You won’t be allowed to explain your case any more than I was and you’ll be horrified when the Overton window swings and everything turns back on you and now only your critics have the microphone you giddily denied to dissenters.

When people like Matt Walsh have their PFreedom of Reach and calling people like you and me freaks is on the menu again.

Congratulations on setting us all back 50 years.

Those who told them to go fuck themselves have paid dearly for it and are rather immune to censure and hatred.

Hell hath no fury like queer activism, if you can harness that, it’s over for the other side.

Those of you who lived for mindless in-group acceptance and delighted in being their paid and unpaid stormtroopers will crumble like the snowflakes you are.

You allowed yourself to be sucked into materialism , trapped in the mindless material universe for a like or a retweet. Damn, I knew you were shallow but this was pretty hideous.

I’m anti-fascist and anti-government, if that makes me anti anything else then I guess that tells you who the fascists are and who rules over you. I am unmoved by the media complex and their coordinated implied and implicit threats to deprive me of my rights under the color of law , or to arrest or punish me for exercising my rights. Unlike my public statements that actually IS illegal , that is “anti” “American” and that is part and parcel of your seditious mass murdering kleptocratic conspiracy. (“Oh wow, and remind me again- what do CDBCs and digital currencies have to do with epidemiology?” They already had the vaccine waiting. They already had the crypto and “contact tracing” ready. All of the elements of the crime were all in place – and “she” was “supposed to” win. It is indeed a conspiracy – a criminal conspiracy – substantiated by the evidence) You have no power over me.

Fake news.

Fake science.

Fake, unelected, unacceptable and unaccountable “ government.” It is a corrupt, unlawful, hostile foreign occupation with no legal authority to do any of the shit that its media pets or Tedros’ WHO/UN propaganda farms threaten to — with Chairman Maosk’s blessing —under the pretext of “PFreedom of Reach.” They’d sure love that legal authority though, are you enjoying your free trial of fascism ?

If it wasn’t for autists and shitposters you wouldn’t have a fucking country or a planet left at this point.