I don’t follow this sub stack but ran across this anyway. I preface it by saying that I don’t know if it’s credible or true, but if it is there are at least three explanations off the top of my head:

Source: https://veryslowthinking.substack.com/p/mckernan-dna-contamination-in-covid

This could be an example of + frameshifting, ie: amino acid chains in the product decided that “no, we want to bind to each other in THIS order and leave over some junk that may or may not be encoded”, regardless of the design or intention.


Pure sorcery and witchcraft!

Just kidding, it’s literally “science, bitches.”

Speaking of “the science,” do you understand that there is still 210mb of the human genome that “science” totally doesn’t fucking understand AT ALL (151mb of it) and another 59mb of the human genome we don’t fucking understand AT ALL and “guess” with computer simulations?

You are NEVER going to accurately predict DNA ligation with “AI” and “computer models.” Trusting those and just going ahead and shooting up whatever your stupid fucking AI recommended -you’re just going to get whatever you get. Those amino chains are going to break apart, regroup, or rejoin of their own motherfucking volition it doesn’t fucking matter what your “AI” predicts.

You should have looked into floroquinones like Norofloxacin, which Merck took off the market effective December 12, 2017 “for reasons not related to product safety” – unlike HCQ, it had a 100:1 preference for bacterial chains and mostly ignored natural human DNA. It treats anthrax inhalation exposure.

Merck co-discovered ivermectin as well- it’s effective against SV40 —they didn’t want you to have that, either! It’s almost like Merck wants you to be infected with SV40 for some strange reason. I mean— they put it the “polio vaccines” , they withdrew and withheld drugs that work against it. They backed out of the “covid vaccine” market lest they get caught infecting people with sv40 again.

The problem with promoting sv40 is that you’re going to bypass your dna repair process and encode it, when your natural dna repair process would have excised it as junk. That’s bad.

There is a very good chance someone fucked up on handling, transportation, and/or refrigeration and that some people got injected with random lipids and a bunch of defective mRNA.


“Covid” isn’t — it wasn’t — my thing. I was not an “anti vaxxer” -although the way things have played out here I feel like perhaps I should be — I’ve been after HIV for a number of years and “vaccines” weren’t even on my radar.

But I have strong opinions about Dr Fauci and noted that during the “aids crisis” there wasn’t a single god damn TV camera that man did not love being paraded out in front of. We closed hotel swimming pools and hot tubs over HIV. The man got on television claiming that small children could catch HIV from being in the same room with you — and I always thought he was covering for pedophiles who had infected their victims.

I don’t want to go there but look, I got fucked by a clergy member at 12 and shortly after that I developed appendicitis, had to have it removed, then mysteriously developed lymphoma and EBV.

I don’t give a fuck how effectively you can sexualize or brainwash children- are you informing them about the risks of EBV, HPV, and worse when you say that they can “consent” ? Do they have an understanding of potential lifelong health risks? Do you mention any of that in these “text books” instructing children that it merely “feels good” or whatever?

Nope, you don’t. That’s not “consent.” That’s minting a brand new lifelong pharmaceutical slave.

Fast forward to “covid,” 4chan and other boards were aware of it in September 2019. Grimes DJ friend (“i_o”), close to Musk, et al, was posting “we are all going to die”, and Musk and Bill Gates were investing together , jointly, in “Curevac” and preparing Tesla factories to be retooled as mRNA factories. The White House denied being aware of it until December or January of 2021 and out comes Fauci on all the TV cameras again. Deja vu.

There’s some overlap here (see my last two posts) in the governments actions , official stories, and excuses going all the way back to “swine flu” in 1975 — refer to my last two posts —and I was a little perplexed about why anyone would be so angry or silence me for investigating HIV. I thought that was supposed to be a “good thing,” you know, Bono and Elton John and all those motherfuckers cry for money, research and cures. Do you want people to be interested in it, or do you fuckers want money?

It just so happens that .. the narrative, technology, and downright lies overlap neatly with their narrative and response to covid.

They used the “1918 pandemic” to lock everyone down and suppress debate up until five days before the 1918 midterm elections.

One pattern after another.

The whole fiasco cemented my suspicion that all was not well or adding up here.

So now, we have Fort Detrick— you know, the one where all the “conspiracy theorists” are convinced AIDS came from — allegedly leaking 50,000-90,000 gallons of untreated anthrax, plague, or god only knows what into an open storm sewer in Maryland in 2018 and they decide to tell everyone NOW? I’ve just about McFucking had it.

I am not any closer to answering my questions , I just keep ending up with new questions.

Big Social (Facebook.gov, Twitter.gov, Instagram.gov, tiktok.gov, etc) have been shoving their boot down on my throat since 2008 so it’s not over any of that. I was never warned or censored or deplatformed by google.darpa.mil but some posts in my drafts would inexplicably vanish before I was ready to finish them and publish them. I currently have about 400 such posts in that status and moved off of Blogger years ago.

The one thing they did do, was grossly underreporting my traffic and views – which Cloudflare easily proved — but I didn’t really give a damn, I went just as hard at it for all supposedly “eight” of my viewers, nor did I really care that I had about 11 on Twitter.gov — most of whom I know personally. Had I been aware it was much more than that I might have worried about how things looked. Not giving a fuck was a blessing. I didn’t leave much to the imagination and can’t be blackmailed. Just censored to high hell.

But the idea that even 11 people used to read my tweets seems to make those people shit bricks.

I didn’t have any so called “reach” and yet they still found it threatening.