I dunno, my fake news contest entry would be that it was the 1992 election that was stolen.

And that Iraq, Waco, and Ruby Ridge were all illegally undertaken actions, that VAWA, the 1993 crime bill (as well as the 1994 juvenile bill, and all the oppressive initiatives they weaponize on juveniles through Racine and Statewide that were supposed to be models for the entire nation) are all illegal. And if that is anywhere close to true they need to compensate every life they ruined by stealing that office and shoving all that oppressive legislation through Congress.

Al Gore tried litigating his way into office in 2000 if you’ve forgotten, but this would leave us with alternating cycles of the Bush family (aka CIA) saving us from Bill and Hillary Clinton in 2000, 2008, and then a third time in 2016. They haven’t had to do anything like that since 1963.

I would suspect that OKC and 9/11 were both targeting investigative teams when anyone still cared or even did anything about stuff like this. Weaponization of The Federal Government would be the understatement of a millennium.

That Biden’s “patriot act” (failed 1995 Omnibus/surveillance bill) in 2001 is illegal- along with every other action undertaken with it is illegal. That the government has more or less been at war with itself – that the Bushes backed Obama, etc “she” was supposed to win in 2016, and that they had a massive world wide sting operation waiting for her and her foundation on inauguration.

That Biden did in fact set up the biggest voter fraud operation in history. In 1992. The last year I remember this fucking hellhole not being hell incarnate.

And then maybe in 2020 for leniency.

That Trump is, well, just an actor who may have actually been elected because we had descended so far into clown world by then. Twice, even. I’m not suggesting that he deserved to win, just that he did.

And Blackrock is a bankruptcy receiver/trustee for every fucking entity involved.

And then all the false flags clapped.

I don’t know if you want to call this one misinformation or malinformation or disinformation. Can I set a high score by presenting it as all three?

*there is no government* *clicks heels 3x*

It sucks but the alternative ending sucks too.

What do you suppose they’re all being blackmailed about? And giving out billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars in extortion money for? It must be pretty bad.

Like I said, it wasn’t a good movie.