Remember how Susie used to Looooooove me and be soooooo “concerned” and “care” soooo sooo soooo much? Save it, bitch.

I am disgusted I ever had my pastor call on her.

… and Janis used to looooove me and say we were spiritually connected?

(and told me on Christmas I deserved to die “for all the dirty I do to the world”)

(and also that she was a sorcerer who could cast a spell and ruin your life?)

Remember how Stan offers everyone HUgGGgGgGgz?

And how they advertise Love, Hope, and Healing while their forums communications paint a different canvas of their staff threatening and harassing newcomers so badly they’d go out and use?

Yeah, fool me 3 or 4 or 5 times shame on you.
fool me again, “fuck you.”

I have about as much faith in your “love” and “concern for humanity” as I have , that the next guy who compliments my eye color won’t be gone in the morning when I wake up.

As with the aforementioned people, “save it, bitch.”

Talk is cheap.

Proselytizing is cheap.

Actions matter.

I find it a little obnoxious, patronizing, and cheap when people trivialize the shit that happens on this prison planet as having a “reason” or a deeper meaning or somehow being a part of gods plans or whatever 🙄 how pithy.. but really, in teaching me to not trust your cheap phony ass fucking “love” or “hugggggz” and whatever sugar coated lies drip off your lips — to know you won’t “still love me tomorrow”, you prepared me for the world I’d end up in. It is unfortunate that this is even necessary.

Don’t even get me started on how “the party of love” “love trumps hate” and “he will not divide us! that’s OUR job!” , “diversity is our strength, “resist ✊🏽🏳️‍🌈” and Other Great Big Lies from the “community” spiraled out of control and and metastasized into “conform or die you fucking TERF” seemingly overnight.

“I’m open to falling from grace..”

kelli Ali (check out “sunshine in the rain”)

When did “silence = death” turn into “BE SILENT”?

That is the consequence of commoditization of queers— “come out come out, so we can sell you vodka and credit cards , demean you with cheap caricatures of you on the Ellen sitcom or Will and Grace, demand your vote, demand your obedience, brainwash and divide you, and shun anyone who fucking disagrees or speaks up.”

I never liked Queer as Folk , but occasionally they nailed it on the head enough to have made Larry Kramer uncomfortable if he were still alive. I will never forget the line where what’s his name screams at someone and calls them a , quote, “fucked out crystal queen” and everyone at the bar got real quiet real quick.

Almost as fun as watching “Requiem for a Dream” for the first time with your sketch sisters. That shook some bitches in a way their D.A.R.E. classes never managed to. Derek was gasping for air and saying “I’m never getting high again!” (Hahaha! Yes you are!) and I was already texting my connect. Oh well. We are two of the four or five who are even left alive.

All I can do is shake my head and say “oh, right. So I overcame all of that… for this… splendid.”

Want some advice?

Anyone who wants to cut your tongue out for discussing the Global Depopulation Agenda… is PROBABLY playing a part in the Global Depopulation Agenda. Their preferred pronoun is “Global Depopulation Movement,” you bigot!