I feel a need to set the tone and preface this by saying that I’m not a so-called “hiv/aids denialist” , nor in denial of the fact that something almost killed me last year. They diagnosed and treated it as a fungal pneumonia but the swab said it was covid. Whatever the fuck you want to call it , it doesn’t matter what its name is. It put me in the ICU, it almost killed me, and I’m still recovering.

Yesterday I was only in the mood to draw.

Today, I’m done with my chores and I’m adequately caffeinated to explain this in words.

On that note, there’s something that has killed at least 32 million of us, we can call it hiv/aids if for no other reason than, that’s the consensus identification and nomenclature for this public health threat. Like just about everyone else I want very much for it to be eradicated from this earth.

Like the much-maligned Dr. Peter Duesburg, I’m a sorry excuse for a “denialist” if I have a hypothesis about treating or curing something I supposedly don’t believe exists.

And the only way we are going to get there is by talking about what the fuck it actually is.

Let’s start here: For every “detectable” (or latent) mRNA sequence in your body that they’ve deemed to be “HIV” , you should know that 19 out of 20 are defective. They’re totally replication-incompetent and non-infectious.

One of the biggest fucking lies about the “virus” is that it’s permanently in your DNA or genome. That is false, it is mRNA, and its “permanency”depends on ongoing unpacking and replication in compromised cd4 cells. (“T-cells”) , which can continue spitting out immature TAT sequences or buds even as they’re dying and tagged for apoptosis/cell death.

The only silver lining here is VPR-1, which keeps these infected , tagged, apoptopic, dying cd4 cells from cloning themselves via mitosis before they die!

Only 1 in 20 of those mRNA sequences that they refer to HIV , is even capable of reproducing and infecting other t-cells. 19 out of 20 of them “frameshift” between the Gag and Pol segments and are excised through DNA repair. The leftover proteins can be scavenged or attacked with various things I’ve already named. One I have not mentioned before are the guanosine-quartets. One of which is guanosine, found naturally in your lymph nodes, and also in coffee, clover, and “acy-clovir” (clover). This also does some “mutation” (or frameshifting, if you like) on its own- but that is circumvented by VIF, which is why your naturally occurring — and heavily overloaded — sources of guanosine in your lymph nodes (and artificial sources of it like acyclovir – or natural sources of it like clover) are not curative.

You can, however, execute frameshifting attacks BEFORE VIF (in vpr-1 by means of inhibiting importin a/b) or AFTER VIF by cracking NEF at the tail with Concanamycin A— and once you’re in NEF, game fucking over, we have passed VIF and this final opportunity to exploit HIV with a frameshift attack is immediately before the stop codon, with no further overlapping exons or codons – meaning there are no further escapes in place to circumvent this final opportunity to execute a frameshift exploit, “abnormally” terminating the sequence immediately before the stop codon, resulting in having it excised.


Pro tip: So does covid infection. They don’t want HIV cured. They brought the whole fucking world to a grinding halt when this thing got out.


Your DNA repair process is already activated and working on it if we even get to the tail end sequence where NEF and the stop codon reside. Your immune system is already activated, it’s already frameshifted and excised 19 out of 20 of the fucking things- listen, your body already knows it doesn’t belong there.

The codon that we refer to as “pol” is expressed by the dna repair process independently of HIV. It’s when pol intersects with “gag” and a third “envelope” codon consisting of TAT , where we call this HIV, and this is where (and why) 19 out of 20 of the pol/gag sequences are excised by means of frameshifting via your DNA repair subroutine.

The area where VPR1 and VIF reside are a bridge between GAG and ENV, however , guanosine-quartets- to include those that reside in your lymph nodes and are part of your adaptive immune system – scramble them in an attempt to reverse or terminate or excise them , in what would otherwise be a +1 / -1 frameshift opportunity in VIF. The 1-in-20 mRNA encoding sequences called “HIV” , are the “fittest” for survival and replication because they already got through the first frameshift at gag/pol, and they easily skip through this frameshift attempt in VIF. Although it’s possible that some of them don’t, and the transinfectivity potential is even less than one in twenty.

You have FIVE opportunities to attack HIV with frameshifting techniques. The first one I mentioned, already happens all on its own. I just described two other opportunities to execute frameshift attacks in VPR and NEF. I will do my best to explain those.

But first, I would like to present another frameshift/attack vector in TAT , which is vulnerable to aminoglycosides – I’ve been talking those a lot recently (search this blog for “etfak”) and I’m not done talking about aminoglycosides.

That’s your “viral reservoir.” It’s in the cytoplasm, so nuclear import/export and protease integrase inhibition don’t cure HIV. Furthermore, it’s the counterpart of nuclear export inhibitor xp01 aka multiple myeloma aka aids aka covid-19 aka glyphosate poisoning syndrome

The current “lifecycle model” being taught is inaccurate – it’s not just hijacking the nucleus of a T-cell to make copies of itself, there is a component of it called TAT , it’s nanocellular , it’s all over the fucking place and TAT is capable of transferring to other adjacent cells such as macrophages and cytoplasm through intracellular messaging.

There is intercellular transfection between macrophages that are not accounted for by the “hiv lifecycle” typically illustrated in a cd4 cell. Current treatments do nothing about this and it’s why you’ll be a life long customer of various “inhibitors”that only go after shit in the “pol” intron. Clearly, the intention is to make you a lifelong customer of expensive drugs. Medical treatment has been 20% of the United States annual GDP. They don’t give a fuck about us. Topoisomerase II inhibitors address this and they have a 100:1 preference for disrupting bacterial DNA over human DNA. So why the fuck aren’t we doing it? We’re in a budget and debt crisis , right? Light a fire under someone’s ass to get this multi trillion dollar albatross off our necks.

Nearly all current available treatments attack portions of the “pol” segment (protease, integrase, I get to that part and identify a few others below) or they’re fusion/entry inhibitors that prevent nuclear import into a naive/uninflected t-cell. They do not prevent or address the intracellular messaging and transinfective properties of TAT and that’s why none of this shit is curative, and never will be.

Having “500 t-cells” is better than having none, but they don’t really get to the bottom of how many of those CD4 cells are CD45ra or cd45ro (naive, versus actively creating hiv copies.)

Remember, how we discovered mRNA in 1961 and nobody wants to name a single one of the “large number of people involved” , yet have nonetheless spent over a half century desperate to commercialize it (who? DARPA) and force it into every man, woman, and child’s arm – at gunpoint and/or the threat of exclusion from society and commerce in order to force “compliance” with taking it if necessary?

Prep does not work, it does nothing to inhibit TAT – which infects cytoplam, microphges, monocytes — the whole “HIV replication lifecycle” as visualized in a t-cell is a goddamned lie and here I will explain why.

HIV isn’t a “virus” it’s mRNA.

“A” problem with the US federal government denying any responsibility for the fact that prep doesn’t work and we now have a bunch of “hiv negative people” with AIDS symptoms is that the DHHS took Gilead to court in 2019 and sued them and said “no! this is OUR invention, this is OUR technology! give us the patent!”

Current treatments do not work — nor are they intended to – and that’s a problem because as I said before , the US federal government’s “invention, technology, and patent” that the DHHS so vigorously sued Gilead Sciences for is destroying organs and bones.

Oh no no no no no no DHHS sisters! IMO they’re bankrupting America on purpose so they’ll never have to pay you reparations or be held accountable for this.

I have the worst handwriting on earth but this is easier to draw than explain.

I am going close this by saying that due to “scrambling” behavior in VIF, it’s possible for a CD4 cell to be cross-infected with (at least) two slightly different codon groups that are unique but nonetheless “HIV.” I have previously speculated that “covid” and “HIV” could theoretically cancel themselves out , and the reason for that would be that cross-infection/trans-infection within the same CD4/t-cell is PROBABLY enough for your body to say “okay, destroy this fucking thing.”

Shamefully, due to a website I refer to as “WikiPedo” I found and corrected a couple of errors: 1) TAT is not on POL, 2) TAT is / (is in) ENV (frameshift candidate #4) , next to NEV (frameshift candidate #5) here’s a better illustration.

source: wikipedia , / Creative Commons 3 license blah blah blah.
source: im genuinely sorry, I have no idea anymore and it’ll be my pleasure to attribute properly

I don’t mind correcting errors – lying about mistakes and covering up what you did is the government’s job.

Someone doesn’t want you to know this.. They tried to break in 104 times today!

You know it’s never enough, they can ban me from the planet and from their screechy little cliquey gay IRC chats , share my information across 11 different sites that work together to ban anyone who exposes their death cult.

They can mass report me until I’m automatically suspended on Facebook.gov or Twitter.gov, they can text Elon or Allison or Eliza or whoever to remove me.

They can yank my own (other) website out from underneath me “and steal all the chatters” by painting me as someone who is guilty of literally everything they do to people — but you’re not fooling anyone and if you are, they’ll see through you soon — and it’s just not enough. I’m fucking off over here in my own corner mumbling to myself and they’ve successfully taken this fucking thing down at least twice.

I host in Mexico now as a canary of sorts because 1) I’m eligible to do so, and 2) if you can extort or otherwise pressure them into supporting you in what you are doing to my country I’m on the first raft off of this continent if I have to build it myself!

Lo siento. Pero no tengo documentos migratorios. ¡Esos son racistas!