I would like to “circle back” to this one from a few days ago and take a wild shot in the dark at “what it could be” with the caveat that — this time — I am totally guessing here more so than ever, I am totally pulling this one out of my ass , not to be cocky about anything I’ve been correct or “close” about so far. I want to lay this one out on the table and say “I have no evidence, no studies, no proof, just a woman’s intuition – ITS JUST AN IDEA, RELAX — and please do not repeat this as a fact.” I’ve got some room for error, OKAY? Thank you.

— end disclaimer —


Immune reconstitution syndrome” from May 14 , right?

The “idea” I have here — it’s not a fact, it’s an idea. I know how dangerous ideas and are to your democracy, so I’ll be real gentle —I promise.

But I am going to disagree with Wikipedia and say that pulmonary Aspergillus is not pathological or invasive in the majority of people.

Candidiasis is.

The process of “immune reconstitution syndrome” occurring here might reflect colonization of candidiasis being overcome by Aspergillus. A sort of … “seroreversion” process, although that is usually considered a “viral” stage of illness and disease rather than a fungal one.

That is why this post is prefaced with a disclaimer.

This would not cause life threatening illness – or maybe even any symptoms at all – in a healthy… or “healthy enough” .. person who doesn’t have CF, hiv, or other pulmonary/immunodeficiencies.

“Candidiasis can affect the mucous membranes of the mouth, vagina, and anus. In people with HIV, candidiasis of the bronchi, trachea, lungs, or esophagus is an AIDS-defining condition.”


In the case of someone so afflicted, their manifestations of “Aspergillus “ recolonization should be categorized as IRIS. It may clinically and sympromatically present as a “fungal infection” , a pathogen , a pneumonia , etc in their lungs.

However in the case of someone with HIV , or “covid” or chronic fibrosis or whatever , it might be a signal of immune reconstitution where an “AIDS-defining” colonization of candidaisis in the bronchi, trachea, lungs , esophagus (they didn’t mention the mouth or your naughty bits , but just for the sake of discussion) the candidaisis becoming the predominant species would be pathological and/or illness causing in an “immunocompromised” person.

I propose that such a person becoming predominantly populated by Aspergillus is a sign of immune reconstitution syndrome for that limited subset of individuals.

And that would mean , conversely, “hiv seroconversion “ and “covid seroconversion “ are the same thing in reverse. This puts the entire phenomenon on fungal behavior rather than viral behavior so , this one’s controversial and it will make some people even more pissed off than some of the other things I’ve proposed.

Aspergillus is found colonizing healthy people.

Being overwhelmed by candidaisis would present one set of symptoms that are possibly life threatening and severely symptomatic.

I put forth , that overcoming this due to IRIS , would be a situation of chronic colonization from candidiasis being re-taken by Aspergillus, once again presenting with an overwhelmed body in a severe state of shock, sepsis, pulmonary/ respiratory/ immunological distress etc.

But if it doesn’t kill you, you’ll be healthier now.

I don’t know why such a thing would occur spontaneously in so many people. It could be whatever got loose and got everyone sick. Or maybe the goddamn vaccine actually did do something if you want to be all superstitious and allopathic about it. Because as I have previously bitched about to no end, the overwhelming majority of “doctors” and facilities have refused to provide ANY semblance of treatment or care for an awful lot of people.

Had the uptake been 99% as they were hoping for, they could make such a claim. But the uptake was only, meh, 60% of that. So you have a “control group” to actually affirmatively answer this and figure it out for yourself.

Long shot “conspiracy hypothesis” : Someone fucked with their grain fungicides because something out in the fields became resistant, and we’ve been breathing and ingesting it for a couple of years now, the results are a disaster and there’s nothing we can do because Aspergillus IS the “normal” predominant species in your respiratory symptom. That is… unless you have aids…

Or, 2, that it’s a slightly different variant of Aspergillus that is taking over and colonizing BOTH the healthy people who were colonized with Aspergillus- AND the immunocompromised who have been colonized predominantly by candidiasis. – cancer, aids, whatever, and there’s no stopping it- or the symptoms experienced by either group.

What if this isn’t a subjectively “bad” thing?

… well… for most- or hopefully at least, “many” people… perhaps including and especially those with aids or cancer.

We have called this colonization process “aids definining” for a reason. It’s made a lot of patients sick and it’s taken a lot of lives.

But if I’m even in the right ballpark or planet here… this could be a beneficial adaptation for those who were a little sick.. or have “aids” etc..

It would be a struggle for someone with an undiagnosed cancer or severe AIDS defining illness. Some people would get very sick and or die. And they have been.

I know some of you may have forgotten about “vape lung” in 2019 or that Mexico banned the sales of “vaping” liquids and products in the entire country. But the “vape lung” people had similarities to the “O.G. AIDS” that turned your lungs to jelly — PCP pneumonia — in a year or less and that would be a really good reason for public health officials to start panicking.

The “vape lung” cases were HIV negative, healthy, etc all anyone could put together was that they were “vaping.” No other known lifestyle factors, sexual transmission, and so forth .

I’m not panicking. I don’t want you to, either. I got critically ill for awhile there but I am alive and I am rebounding. I’m back to “nearly undetectable” and a cd4 of > 200 again.

And it’ll be a little bit before I get new lab results.

I need to do a little bit of investigation on my records to see if they even identified which fungus was overwhelming me.

I have more thoughts on this but they’d just be rambling if I were to continue.