The thing I’m never going to understand is,

After 40+ years of being told that you “deserved it” because you were black or gay or a crack head …

And living and dying tens (?) of millions of deaths of despair- some slower and some more broken and bloodier than others –

The extent of their malfeasance and culpability is now clearer than ever.

As more layers of the onion are being peeled back I am finding out that they started doing this shit to people– quite unwittingly and unwillingly through no fault of their own — in *1965* , four years after the groundbreaking discovery of “mRNA” that no one wants to be held accountable oops, I mean, “take credit for.”

You accepted the shame.

You accepted it when they told you that you “deserved to die” because it was “god’s punishment” for “people like you.”

Maybe they’re the ones who will face gods wrath and punishment.

Fortunately I’m not the one who “gets to” dispense that, because I’d make the Great Flood look like a gentle April shower if only I were.

Maybe they belong in hell for their sins and laboratory abominations.

Okay, what I especially don’t get it is:

  1. Why some of you continue to lick “their” jackboots and “vote” for them or donate money to them. They killed your friends, they ruined the community, they destroyed our health and then told us that we were a burden on society.
  2. Why, having experienced that with HIV/AIDS, so many gay men and women are eager to chuck their rocks and blame the “unvaccinated” “unmasked” and “uncompliant” — or even the VACCINATED — for their “sins” just as enthusiastically as the religious right mocked your lesion covered, coughing, dying bodies in 1984-1988 and said that was “all your fault” and that “you deserved it”, the way you are today.
  3. Why some LGBT are so deranged that I have literally watched them post on social media that they would go door to door and shoot the survivors for free for their “disobedience.” Does something not add up about a “pandemic” that’s so deadly that the gays have to fantasize about there being so many survivors they feel a need to fantasize about mass murdering all of them? And I’m still banned from their channel: Not the dudes sitting there openly fantasizing about mass murder. You people are fucked up.

I know far too many of you who are no better than the “fundamentalist Christian right” you rebelled against when I was young.