Just in time for volcanoes to spew millions and millions of tons of co2 and methane into the atmosphere ( more than all human generated activity combined …) this comes out today:

We find that chronic continuous hypoxia (11% oxygen, equivalent to what would be experienced at Everest Base Camp) extends lifespan by 50% and delays the onset of neurologic debility in a mouse aging model

PLOS – https://neurosciencenews.com/oxygen-reduction-longevity-23320/

This isn’t really my bag but PLOS is presumably more reliable of a source than I am. Whether we are ready for it or not , we are about to find out if climate change and co2 are bad, and how bad. Yay one less thing to argue over no matter what the answer is.

The party’s already getting started with “no, silly- reduced oxygen saturation has health benefits – it even extends your lifespan!”

That’s either some totallly fucked cope to keep people from lining up to get vented at the ER with 80% o2 saturation like they were told to do with “covid” or “climate” profiteers and proselytizers are going to eat shit in a moment. HAHAHA LIBS OWNED , CHECKMATE *turns blue and dies*