I suspect that pasteurization has resulted in a critical amino acid (taurine) from being bled or bred out of cows.

There’s about 18mg per 100 g in human breast milk.

There is 15mg per 100 g in raw goat milk.

And then there’s presently about 5mg of taurine per 100 g of pasteurized goat milk.

There is only 1.8mg or less in pasteurized cow milk.

And yes, Pasteur’s ceramic filters can break amino chains, which I postulate have been misidentified as “virus” particles since the 1800s – owing to them establishing a preferential bond with the substrate of the filter thereby breaking the amino acid chain.

Amino acids are 0.40nm to 1.2nm , linear amino acid chains are approximately 3.5nm. I want to say that the ceramic filters go down to 1.4 micrometers, and one reason this would be overlooked is the situation – I’ve brought this up repeatedly – where one of the amino acids prefer the porcelain filter to the amino acid chain it’s currently connected to.

It works for the same reason that carbon mats have “antiviral” properties, although that’s not entirely true. What the carbon mat accomplishes is a molecular reduction. Not everything will prefer the porcelain substrate- and when some of the amino acids and/or chains or partial chains were “filtered” out they were mistaken for a novel and heretofore undiscovered “viral” pathogen. It was nothing of the sort, it was a reduction of an amino acid chain.

The problem with the broken amino acid chains created by pasteurization isn’t the part of the chain that stays behind in the filter, the problem is the incomplete end(s) of the chain(s) that slip through the filter (and which you consume.)

The stop codon or the start codon are gone, and you’re left with what they call a “free radical” (another misnomer, it’s fine, I’ve been using this term for it as well) looking for something to bind to.

NAC and Zantac bind to them, I can’t say “to what effect” – we banned Zantac in 2020 on the grounds it can “cause cancer” and NAC is neither “approved” nor studied (as far as I know) in the US for any specific purpose related to this. Taurine probably accomplishes the same thing. Sudafed does- and that’s why it relieves “cold” symptoms. (As mentioned elsewhere, adderall and other amphetamines do because they’re one molecule off from Sudafed- Pasteur spent a lot of time studying molecules that were left sided and right sided mirrors of one another, and very obviously understood this. But I doubt he understood what amino acid chains are – because nobody did yet.)

The thinking behind “binding to” a “free radical” involves giving those stray broken amino acid chains something to bind to, in order to complete themselves and encode/repair themselves. It doesn’t have to be exactly what it’s looking for, it will take a close enough analog. The Chinese have the same idea .. in principle .. with graphene oxide, and I reiterate that I find that problematic. I am under the assumption it is potentially performing another reduction of an already broken chain that might cause more so-called “free radicals.” Which is exactly what they are claiming Zyrtec does – to a detriment, not a benefit.

I propose that food treatments that damage amino acid chains are dangerous to put in your body and accumulate in the first place, even if they don’t have valid stop/start coding instructions.

The 1 in 10000 fluke that they attach to other molecules or chains in the “wrong” order , by means of cellular construction mechanisms that perform substitutions for analogs and deficiencies … is how you get “viral” pathology or something that doesn’t make sense like “ GAG “, which again, in and of itself , is just “scaffolding” for a cell built with this substitution/ “dna” repair/correction process, and not inherently pathological by itself.

(Hint: GAG is in the start codon and first exon for “hiv”, RNA but if you don’t have a fully intact amino acid chain- exon #2 (pol) exon #3, (env) and a stop codon (nef overlaps the last two) then it’s essentially a “non infectious” amino chain that may still show up as “viral load”. It’s why .. what did I say; 99 in 100 or so .. (previous post is correct, I’m tired) of the chains never replicate or encode – and aren’t capable of replicating or encoding: They’re incomplete junk wandering around.)

Pasteur had come up with this process 45 years before it was widely adopted and at that time we had not yet discovered amino acids. We found a “few of them” in asparagus in 1806 , but had not figured out what they were yet – “viruses” were not a “non living” pathogen, they were a reduced amino acid chain! — and at that point in history we certainly had not figured out what RNA, DNA (1950s), or telomerase (1980s) (and those are paramagnetic!) were just yet.

This one sentence stuck with me a couple years before I even knew what any of his meant.. inspired by whatever muse gives me strange thoughts about kaleidoscopes and a few other things:

“building blocks have ABC’s just like all the nurseries…” then I learned they also have Ts and Gs and all hell broke loose after that.

The maximum selectivity of separation of the surface-modified ceramic NF membrane, defined as the ratio of (1-retention) of two amino acids, between neutral and acidic amino acids on the one hand and basic amino acids on the other is 3.4 [8], while for an organic membrane it ranged between 1 and 1.25, dependent on pH [12].

Separation of amino acids by nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes, https://doi.org/10.1016/S1383-5866(98)00068-9

I would think 115 years is enough time for you to breed it out of your cattle, which at this point are filthy beasts that reek of ammonia and piss and need to be pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to be “commercially viable” anymore. I don’t know if supplementing the cows themselves with taurine would benefit their health or their milk in the short or long term, but they’re deficient.

No wonder Bill Gates thinks dairy and meat are bad. Again, he’s close but he should really stick to his day job and make windows stop sucking ass.

A study of their amino acid content in milk tells all. And it’s already been done several times.

Supplement with taurine. The amounts of it found in energy drinks and infant formula are negligible. But a dose of 18mg/100ml should be closer to the one we currently express – although I’m not clear on whether that’s the “dose” nature intended for you. It could have been bred or bled out of our women, like it has been from the cows.

We started pasteurizing milk on September 21st, 1889.

January 1st, 1891: The first U.S. milk processing plant to install pasteurization equipment was the Sheffield Farms Dairy in Bloomfield, New Jersey. September 21st, 1889: Work started on the pasteurization of milk and cream.

September 20th, 1908: The first law to require the pasteurization of milk was passed in Chicago.

Of course it would be chicago. Probably for the “greater good,” ikr

Less than 12 years later we had “influenza” and “Spanish flu” that sickened 500 million people – at that time 1/3 of the worlds population – and killed 1/5 of those. And it just gets worse with every “variant” , every solar cycle. (weakened ionosphere = subtle mutations in rna from UV and/or gamma rays , photons etc should == evolution , this has been holding us back from these cycles being beneficial for over 100 years, how many sand beagles have to die for fucks sake.)


It is an irony of medical history that the transformation of polio into an epidemic disease occurred only in those industrialized countries in North America and Europe that had experienced significant improvements in hygiene during the 19th and 20th centuries. 



And we just keep digging a hole for ourselves. I postulate that “influenza” doesn’t “mutate” or spread across mammals per se. That they have different breast milk characteristics and the dairy cow is the worst of the whole lot. What happens in our bodies is that we make substitutions for deficiencies in amino acid chains.

Sudafed and amphetamines serve as a shortcut for substituting an amino acid deficiency — your body wants to build cells and it’s missing something -and it fucking loves filling the gap with Sudafed or speed, which is why Sudafed (one molecule away from speed) even “works” on your “cold” symptoms .

Energy drinks don’t have a health benefit because caffeine hijacks adenosine receptors , where all these amino acids get encoded and do their work inside your brain. that they use have been using adenosine vaccines — which no longer work — to hijack your cellular import process proves it.

You don’t have a lot of time to correct this or we are all going to die next time. Keep censoring me to “own the conservatives,” I’m a queer radical , but it’s okay when you mislabel me— jail time for me if I don’t respect the fucking “pronoun” you prefer to be referred to as, do I have that correct?

PS: Democrats love “immigrants “ because it artificially depresses the number of annual cases of “hiv” and such per 1,000 people “compared to the last year” and they can keep denying that this is a problem…. Or falsely claiming that the problem is somehow magically “better “under their administration. All that money we’re spending is solving something, hooray! Vaccines work! Lol. If you want to start counting the number of North American deaths the uniparty and their “dearest ally” have jointly caused from “pandemics” , chemical warfare, and world wars you’d better start counting from 1908… Adolf Hitler would BLUSH. 32 million from “aids” alone. Where are my mother fucking reparations ? I assure you they don’t care about “votes” and that they don’t give a fuck about you whatsoever.