Here’s what happened in 1919:

On Sunday, July 27, 19 19, there was a clash of white people and Negroes at a bathing-beach in Chicago, which resulted in the drowning of a Negro boy. This led to a race riot in which thirty-eight lives were lost—twenty-three Negroes and fifteen whites—and 537 persons were injured.

After three days of mob violence, affecting several sections of the city, the state militia was called out to assist the police in restoring order. It was not until August 6 that danger of further clashes was regarded as past.

To discuss this serious situation and means of preventing its recurrence, a group of eighty-one citizens, representing forty-eight social, civic, com- mercial, and professional organizations of Chicago, met on August i, 1919, at the Union League Club. Mr. Charles W. Folds, president of the Club, presided. Brief addresses were made by Mr. H. H. Merrick, president of the Chicago Association of Commerce, Dr. Graham Taylor, Miss Harriet Vittum, Major John S. Bonner, Mr. Charles J. Boyd, and Rev. William C. Covert.

Resolutions were passed and given to the press, and the following letter to the Governor of Illinois was authorized
To His Excellency, Frank 0. Lowden
Governor of Illinois

Dear Sir: A meeting was held today at the Union League Club to take up the matter of the present race riots.
This meeting was attended by 81 representatives of 48 prominent civic, profes- sional and commercial organizations, such as Chicago Medical Association, Chicago Bar Association, Federation of Churches, Association of Commerce, Packing House Industries, Urban League, Woman’s City Club, Chicago Woman’s Club, Foreign Language Division, representing foreign-born population, etc.

A resolution was adopted unanimously, appointing the undersigned as a com- mittee to wait upon you and ask that you appoint at your earliest convenience an emergency state committee to study the psychological, social and economic causes underlying the conditions resulting in the present race riot and to make such recom- mendations as will tend to prevent a recurrence of such conditions in the future.

The committee would welcome an opportunity to meet you at any time convenient to yourself and to talk over with you details and give you such information as has been gathered through these various organizations.
Charles W. Folds Graham Taylor William C. Graves Harriet E. Vittum T. Arnold Hill Felix J. Streyckmans

here’s what we decided about it 100 years ago:

We just barely got through the 1975/19976 “pandemic” and impending American bankruptcy without race rioting and I quote: “we did not experience corrosive social unrest as a consequence of our economic difficulties” :

We came so close and so far and almost became a post-racial society – and the marxists were having none of it. They WANT CORROSIVE SOCIAL UNREST AS A CONSEQUENCE OF AMERICAS FINANCIAL SITUATION.

You got through it in 1975.

The “Occupy” people almost made “them” SHIT THEIR PANTS when you turned your attention to the financial and corporate sector and banks instead of each other for a change.

So they subverted your movement and directed your attention to fostering strife between one another.

If black people are telling me we haven’t finished the work we learned we needed to do in 1919- why are TPTB force integrating a few more races ? You’d think they want “corrosive social consequences “ as a result of their financial difficulties again.

And again , we refused to take the bait.

We did not slaughter each other.

We were all in this together.

And that is not acceptable to them.

So they’re importing people who will give them the “white supremacy” and “scary darkies” and other boogeymen we didn’t give them as a society in 1975, 2008, or 2019. They’re mercenaries.

they’re being PAID to do it.

Be better.

Be American.

You’re not what they thought you were.

Don’t become what they want you to be.

The harlot is drunk on the blood of the innocent.

The harlot is almost over the cliff.

It’s going to be a tough year. Or two. Or ten.

You’re going to need each other when the government is out of “free money” – mostly for themselves and their friends and cronies.

TPTB won’t have a penny or anything but fake tears for you from their yachts in Hawaii or New Zealand or Guantanamo Bay.

So far you’ve done the best you can with the information you have in front of you.

If we can continue that we’re going to be okay.

Hostiles are opportunistic mercenaries.

Don’t hate the color of their skin or their nationality.

Hate them for accepting their “job.”