On a Sunday morning last November, an 18-year-old named Seattle Savior Wheeler crouched behind a bed, clutching a gun.

He was at his cousin’s apartment in Rainier Valley, where, prosecutors say, his cousin’s ex had just kicked in the front door and was holding her new boyfriend at gunpoint on the floor. Wheeler jumped up from behind the bed and fired several times, wounding the ex, 39-year-old Khalid Adams.

Seattle Savior Wheeler and Khalid Adams had a connection beyond the apartment: Both were part of Community Passageways, an organization King County funds to prevent youth gun violence, crime, and jail time in King County.

Wheeler was one of the youth Community Passageways promises to help. Adams was a staff member; his official title was “violence interrupter.”

Adams is currently in King County Jail awaiting trial. He is one of several staffers at Community Passageways with active restraining orders against them.

Wheeler was not charged.

Source: https://www.kuow.org/stories/king-county-gave-millions-to-no-new-youth-jail-activists-to-help-kids-then-they-looked-away

Archive: https://archive.is/jHGj9