The first “reserve currency” war was between the Florentine Florin and the Venetian Dulce:

The Ducat had a “flaw,” it was gold backed , and all participating countries could print their own local versions of them. So no global monopoly on it.

And the Ducat had actually retained — in fact had INCREASED in value leading up to 1912 / “world war 1.” (“War of the worlds” “lol”) which is a claim neither the failed Sterling nor the failing “Dollar” can make.

The Vatican has issued Ducats ever since the 1200s or 1300s- they were never victims of “recession” or “deflation” or “depression.”

Around 1913, the gold ducat was worth the equivalent of “nine shillings and four pence sterling, or somewhat more than two dollars. The silver ducat is of about half this value.”

In the battle between the Ducat and the Florin, the “black plague” was unleashed on Europe (in the year “1347,” when 12 ships from the Black Sea arrived at the Sicilian port of Messina) — so pretty much nothing has changed in economic warfare in the last 676 years — you know, they killed Ghadafi, Saddam, anyone who ever tried to start a competing currency — or JFK for announcing a plan to enslave everyone in the 1960s — you should probably be a little concerned when someone is “allowed to” create a new “global reserve currency” without Killary clapping her hands and cackling “we came, we saw, he died.”

2012/2013 would have been “666 years” since Black Death. “I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.” But “SARS” failed to launch. Fuck “digital soldiers,” be a digital jihadi and make an Improvised Educational Device that you can assemble with common household items like a “brain” or a “library” – at least until Elon, Zuck, and Jackass ban those for the greater good , or to save “democracy.

“That’s illegal, unmechanical, and punishable by Homelessness.!”

But if you really want to attract angry trolls and shills to your thread check out this one.

Age old game: lure people to cities known to be submerged in mudfloods, like Chicago, New York, San Francisco , all the “World Fair” cities that also just happened to have “great fires” and oddities like sub sub basements as with Chicagos downtown loop/retail stores , people building new staircases to what was formerly their second story in New York…

(note: doc chaos and I have spent an extensive amount of time in chicagos subterranean loop tunnels – few can say the same – the Wisconsin State Journal or the Capital Times euphemistically referred to our activities as “hanging out in Chicago” and was happy to try to smear me as a “terrorist” with that, but you know something, fucking so called “journalists” never asked what exactly “hanging out” even meant. In case you wonder why I — still— fucking despise journalists.)

“refugees welcome, bring me your tired your poor…” “come for the free welfare, gibs, drugs, sex, and degeneracy!!” .. and then the dam bursts all over again – shielding everyone west of the Himalayans from it.

“oh no. now give them all a Black Death and kill anybody who remembers.”


Here’s your “new world” starting in Argentina/Brazil. Hmm, what’s below it?

If only there was some way to fix “rising sea levels.”

Hint: There is.

It isn’t going to go the way it usually does/has.

But unfortunately you have to deal with each other, and all the artificial strife they’ve created among us while they laugh from their bunkers.

That’s it. That’s the “plan.”

Do I “trust” it, or it’s implementers? No. Not entirely, but it’s probably a safe assumption that anyone who rolled it up and took it without flinching is safe.