Russia’s enemy/sanction list looks a lot like mine.

A few names aren’t on it, but that’s fine, I think they have bigger problems than I do right now.

In-Q-Tel is run by Clinton/Bush’s CIA director.

I didn’t even know that.

Awfully weird for the RF to ban them from entry.

Are they all hiding in fucking Ukraine or something?

And we’re just sending billions and billions and billions in “aid” over there , looting the goddamn carcass of this country as it melts down?


Fucking cucks.

Lines have been drawn and crossed and then some , here.

If I learned anything from that f**king chatroom, it’s how some people are callous , sociopathic ; predatory opportunists who smell a change in the winds and sail towards a “winning” side. They will “fuck you until someone better comes along” and then throw you in the garbage like those fucking people did with me.

Fully expect this from “influencers” and “media.”

Tell them to go fuck themselves at this point.

I’m not one of the “everything is comms” people — what an absolute shitfest this party would be if I were — but noticed we’ve switched from the “666” themed government to a 7.77 “defense” budget, whatever the hell that portends.

This is your legacy.

This is your mark on the planet.

>American males are far more likely to commit suicide than American females by a factor of nearly four. “Deaths of despair,” mostly meaning suicide or drug overdose, have risen rapidly among young and middle-aged men, actually causing a decline in life expectancy. Rather staggeringly, 66% of American men in their twenties are single, and only 30% of single men are seeking a romantic relationship.

>This is not normal behavior, and it’s certainly not healthy.

>To compound matters, as the political economist Nicolas Eberstadt recently warned, twenty-seven million prime working-age men (those between the ages of 25 and 54) are jobless and have no intention of finding work.

>What do these men do with their free time? According to Eberstadt, they spend an average of 2,000 hours per year glued to screens. To put that number in perspective, the average American employee spends about the same amount of time working.

>To compound matters, 50% of the twenty-seven million consume copious amounts of prescription drugs and/or weed, and two-thirds live in a household that receives at least one disability payment every month.

>Very few of these men are rolling in riches. Instead, they appear to have just enough to get by: just enough money, just enough drugs, and just enough distractions (porn, video games, etc.). They are in many ways happily sedated, comfortably numb.

>Hikikomori comes with significant costs, both for the individuals affected and broader society. In Japan, for example, extreme recluses have carried out some rather brutal attacks in recent years. In 2019, a young man stabbed 17 schoolgirls and two adults at a bus stop near Tokyo. An increasing number of sexless, aimless, thoroughly disillusioned young men is a recipe for disaster and societal disintegration.