I don’t like Ron Desantis but he could win me over if he converts a certain unnamed Supermax facility for children into one for grown-ups, and they have to listen to “It’s A Small World” on repeat 24/7/365.

I think it’s a nice compromise.

We don’t have to send them all to hell, right? That would be “homophobic.”

I mean, hey, I was sexually abused as a child and I turned out just fine!

*palpable sarcasm*

There’s only one protected group in Florida I can’t name, and it’s not “Jews.”

They don’t need a “law” because they own their local law enforcement, and they’re not above abusing red flag laws or the baker act or lying under oath even when directly and provably contradicted by a literal fucking military stenographer.

I keep saying that I don’t like RDS for the simple fact that this continues while he makes so much noise about gays and Disney and drag queens or whatever.

When are we going to solve any … uh, you know .. real problems in Florida?

So – yeah sure, its a gorgeous state , nice weather, but “no fucking thanks.”

I can’t name a single one of us who would not be delighted to be proven wrong.

Key West is overrated, overpriced, it has a crappy beach made out of rocks, crack heads, and terminal alcoholics who flew there to die on a barstool. Almost everything fun about it was torn down for condominiums and section 8 projects.

This business about repealing “resign to run” doesn’t concern me.

I don’t think he’s “in it to win it” and fully intends to keep his current job.

Managing whatever the hell is wrong with Florida is not this dude’s “Plan B.”

Unless Trump forgot to listen to Biggie and actually got high on his own supply.

That might actually make some people upset.

What a confusing agenda they have going on in America right now. One of the very first things “Joe Biden” did on his first day “in office” was to sign an “EO” that repealed one of Trump’s EOs prohibiting scapegoating on the basis of race.

  1. EOs are illegal if they are not written by the president. These were written out and on Biden’s desk ready to sign before he was even sworn in, therefore they were not written by the President and are arguably invalid – that includes the one related to the Paris Climate Accord, which got way more attention than the aforementioned one he signed.
  2. The Executive Branch is not Congress, where you crawl out of your coffin and hiss at the sun with a coke hangover when Dianne Feinstein brings you 13 inches of paper and screams at you to “sign it, or elsewithout even reading it.
  3. Florida has enacted legislation to prohibit scapegoating on the basis of whatever you want to call it- race, religion, things get blurry with some high-visibility accounts who are whatever or whomever they need to be from one post or argument to the next and I am not really interested in engaging with a moving target that constantly lies about what its race or religion or ethnicity supposedly even is. Figure out what the fuck you are or what you even believe or I don’t have time for it. Sky’s the fucking limit for the “reach” Elon Musk “allows” them to have!

Seriously, “what in the actual fuck is going on” with that particular tug of war?

This appears to be a notable point of contention between the previous and current administration(s) and the state of Florida.

I’m all for states rights and whatnot but if you want to “notice things,” then start the fact that Florida has apparently just signed a state law that directly contradicts the aforementioned EO from Biden and effectively puts back into place on a state level what Trump had already mandated at the federal level by means of an EO .(13950) .. which Biden rescinded on his very first day in office.

At the behest of .. some gay and lesbian community center .. isn’t it remarkable how we’re all so woke and anti-racist and anti-sexist, and yet still, the moment someone enacts an EO or some legislation banning the use of federal funding to foster “sexism” or “racism,” “we” , or others purporting to act on “our” behalf , ALWAYS seem to be the first ones lawyering the fuck up in federal court demanding an injunction so we can continue teaching teenagers to be … well, about as racist and sexist as you can possibly brainwash a teenager into being, never mind 4channel! You’d better start caring because this is causing a very negative public sentiment and a backlash that is going to affect you.

While simultaneously denying that “we” do anything of the sort or use any federal funds for it. But god damn it, “we’re” going to sue you to make sure we are still allowed to keep not doing it! 🤡

I’m not broadly accusing gays and lesbians at large of being responsible for — or even AWARE OF — this, and you need to know about this right now.

The thing is, HIV/AIDS as we understand it will be a thing of the past soon, they’ve bled you dry over causes like “equality,” “marriage rights,” abortion, and political posturing, all that will be left is a $150b annual trans healthcare market and every institution you built , donated to, or fought for equal access to for the last 40 years won’t give a fuck about you no more.

You won’t even be allowed inside. Just like that, your “community” property , well-established names in “community” activism , “community” healthcare (that you won’t have access to) and wealth will be usurped and turned into a communist day care / training center.

Their clients will notoriously be unruly “teens” who are so violent that the mayor is afraid to even visit the building without armed bodyguards.

Oh, but can you have a gun if it’s really that dangerous to visit Boystown anymore?


These were supposed to be “safe spaces” for the “community” and we’re all locked out.

The news, fake as ever, will scapegoat gays and lesbians for all of this madness and if you object to it – or ever objected to it- you will not only be reviled by anyone who misunderstands this dynamic but by the time you’re courageous enough to stop giving a shit about moronic in-group acceptance and say something you will meet the same fate that I have, more or less universally banned from eleven different social media sites who do not disclose the *FACT* that they jointly share information about their users — including vindictive , arbitrary grudge bans — “for security reasons.”

Everything’s “for security” and “for the greater good,” right? Did any of those 9/11 policies or newly formed agencies prevent “domestic terrorism” in 2016 – 2020? That’s what you supposedly gave up your rights and freedoms and LOTS OF MONEY for. Security, right? They sat there and watched cities burn, so what the fuck am I funding agencies who allegedly “protect us from domestic terrorism” for.

President Biden’s Executive Order 13985 follows the December 22, 2020, issuance of a nationwide preliminary injunction  by the United States District Court for the Northern District of California  prohibiting OFCCP from implementing, enforcing, or effectuating Section 4 of Executive Order 13950 “in any manner against any recipient of federal funding by way of contract [or] subcontract . . . . ”


And so it is with Ron Desantis and his current antics, the gays are screaming about it all over again.

Why is there SO MUCH ACTIVISM from the “gay community” and/or its lawyers in order to allow “educational programs” that blatantly spread racism and gender discrimination? Is this not the thing you all keep telling me that you are against? Or nailing ME to a fucking wall for.

Cause… I only see … lets see.. Donald Trump, Ron Desantis, and the FL Legislature , actually fucking having a problem with it or doing anything about it. Cringe. Are any of you even aware of this?

It comes down to “youth education and mentoring programs” — such as the one Kylon works for — and whatever funding they receive for their “Kill Whitey” and “you’re a victim, and you should demand free shit” BS all sponsored by “LGBT” organizations — that should all market themselves as anti-white, anti-male “T centers” at this point — they ALL openly foster racial discrimination, including and especially against their own LGB “clients” and furthermore have a tendency to participate in riots with their “clients” (Seattle) good luck finding that in the memory hole.

…and/or fuck them enough to make a priest blush.