“In on it?” Give me a break dude. Just about everything in the country is owned and controlled by maybe four corporations (?) who all sit on each others boards and faces.

Everything in America has already been “nationalized” right before your eyes through a shrinking group of global asset and wealth management companies and shell corporations — I’ll even go as far as saying that the current paradigm you refer to as “capitalism” is a perverse form of corporate socialism, one where the profits are privatized and the losses are “socialized.”

Isn’t there some kind word for hybridized nationalism mixed with socialism?

The media and pharmaceutical companies are directed by the same people serving on their boards and/or CEO roles, for example : Pfizer and Reuters.

There’s a lot of talk about Blackstone and Blackrock but never mind that. I can make all this bullshit and gaslighting about who is allied with whom , very effortless for you.

Look up global locations for the State Street Corporation.

Nearly every single one of them is , or was , in a “covid” dystopian hellhole with collapsing state and k-12 pension plans they have hideously mismanaged or hedged their bets on a specific vision for the short and near term (and way too many other investment vehicles, brands, and assets to name that are managed or co-managed by the aforementioned two) and they’ve done everything imaginable to force that on you, “will of the people be damned.”

+ Singapore (isn’t that place literally run by a military junta?) Germany, China, India, Poland. “Brexit” fucked them more than anyone wants to admit.

And if they’re closing offices and pulling up stakes and running out of a city or a country — like they did with New York, I’d be running too if I were you.

On an unrelated note: Florida has a law on the books where they can sue a products spokesperson(s) for fraudulent representations. (They sued “Miss Cleo” with it if you’re old enough to remember her.) If they don’t use it for this whole fiasco and sue a bunch of blue checkmarked shitheads into oblivion then that tells you everything you need to know about Desantis 2024.