Going back to these people bragging about “reading your PIN number” or whatever , it’s not quite *that* sophisticated at the present time as far as I’m aware— we don’t have the infrastructure or bandwidth for that kind of hyper surveillance beyond some edge cases and witting or unwitting test subjects — but now would be a good time to be concerned by the fact that nobody seems bothered that it’s gone as far as it has.

The reason they can only make such limited and specific claims is because something on the order of people are visual spatial thinkers and much of what is on your mind cannot be decoded, this is a recurring topic on 4chan about “NPCs” not having an “inner monologue.”

It’s also something that has aggravated the US DoD enough to attack what they refer to as a VMAT gene, or sometimes dismissively as a “god gene.”

As far as I know they can’t decode the V/S areas without confining everybody to “smart cities” that are blanketed with mmWave (and/or other frequencies that are so high they are near-adjacent to infrared frequencies that can cook food) .. this simply does not work in rural environments .. as a certain German telephone company has openly complained about .. and the USA as it currently stands is too large of a territory to cover every inch of it.

That’s where this ruthless push for balkanization, walls and DMZs (to keep you in) all comes in. To keep you in smaller, confined, containment zones.

V/S thinkers , people with so-called “vmat2” , and a high incidence of it among “wypipo” puts a kink in the global surveillance/totalitarian hell agenda, and a lot of this anti-white agenda openly on display is considered eugenic by some (there is an inverse correlation to increasing rates of autism and dyslexia) but on the other hand it’s quite diseugenic- people with exceptional v/s skills make great pilots, tank and equipment operators , they’re top tier in FPS gaming, flight simulators , and so forth.

So the DoD on one hand has bitched about this and openly stated goals related to vaccinating , eradicating, or otherwise wiping it out of the population (and I don’t mean for covid, look up even older videos about the DoD’s quest for a “VMAT2 vaccine”) then on the other hand they complain that nobody wants to enlist- and that anyone who does want to enlist doesn’t necessarily have these skills.

Half of the people who do have these skills, are too fucking stoned on whatever to work in the military or intelligence/analyst community.

Research by child development theorist Linda Kreger Silverman suggests that less than 30% of the population strongly uses visual/spatial thinking, another 45% uses both visual/spatial thinking and thinking in the form of words, and 25% thinks exclusively in words.

So why do The Powers That Want To Be give “PIN numbers” as a specific example of their endless scaremongering? Because it’s something that you are forced to think about in “clear text”, if you will.

It’s very closely related to the “debunked” “junk science” of “thought forming.”

This is a little more esoteric as far as visual illustrations go, it goes as far as suggesting that a physical place might have a psychic “thought form” lingering over it. Maybe entire cities do have some kind of psychic pallor over them , but okay, that’s where it originally came from.

And, yet, The Powers That Wish To Be , use this “discredited” “debunked” nonsense in other areas like, oh , I don’t know, their own propaganda:

And that’s a good “self own” as far as , what they are limited to reading, given enough bandwidth money and/or technology. Sky’s the limit on “defense” and the “war on drugs” and “the global war on terror.”

Previously having posted that we are kept in a limited frame of perception at all times , by propaganda scaremongering and/or parallel psychological realities – it’s easier for them to develop and/or weaponize the “science” of cracking your thought forms and/or cracking “consensus” if they have as many of you sucked into these narratives as possible.

Look how quickly the the machine hissed and shrunk back at the term “mass formation psychosis.”

Words words words words words words, blah blah blah, how about I show you a picture?

That is what cracking your “thought forms” looks like. It originated with your Facebook and Twitter posts — which is why those are (or were) both DARPA initiatives.

Elon, I don’t know let’s just say that I don’t trust him or believe a fucking word he says, you can go read CDAN if you want details but he’s an empty suit for DARPA. Taibibi and Weiss are — or were — his paid press glad handlers doing a shoddy damage control operation you’ve already forgotten about. His hand at running Twitter is a modern day General Mao’s effort to get you back onto the digital plantation for the sequel to 100 Flowers. Except .. well, he’s still just as much of a ban happy prick as his predecessors.

Thought forms – in a digital sense – was a minor part of an antiquated/shelved “analytics” project I worked on in another career, we used the Twitter API just about as much as the government did. But for more trivial reasons, like “customer sentiment about your event, brand, venue, company” etc. I thought that was disturbingly intrusive and a little beyond the pale at the time.

One of the ways these people absolutely fucked themselves, was censoring people in order to suppress support for unwanted “political” candidates and Powers That Wish They Were. They got rid of their window into the minds and interactions of half the country. (So they just went and bought Parler to take it apart and analyze it. Remind me again who owned it?)

By forcing “identity politics” into the front and center on “alt right” and “free speech” boards, spamming the fucking place up with that dude on the Bud Lite cans , porn, identity politics and sexuality, it’s their way of trying to get insights into your reactions to things you should be above.

I am not going to talk about “that website” anymore but if you’re still one of the people who spends your days and hours, with their lies rattling around as a primary part of *your* thought form, then I just feel sorry for you. Those operatives , saboteurs, and infiltrators succeeded with you and are still wasting your mental focus and energy to this day if they’ve sent you over here to continue participating in their bullshit — but they no longer have any power over me.

And neither do you.