It was IBM and NEC in the Billiard Room, with the SWCNTs. They started this shit in 1993 — your boys Biden and Bill — just like I fucking told you in my “Disposable Teens” post if one of us still has it.

Tantalizing properties, like what?

Surveillance and mind control or psychological effects on your entire consciousness?

That whole business about them saying the human mind is hackable? It is, and some of you already know that. Maybe someone should be monitoring these criminals minds.

Biomedical applications?

You betcha.

Oh, really, and what might activate those?

Wow I don’t fucking believe it!

Fascinating. What has MIT been up to lately?

A solvent-hungry liquid… like blood? 🩸

What’s the downside?

Oh look, a 1993 spike in “Mesothelioma” cases.

Same year the Clinton Administration’s CDC re-defined “AIDS.” Yeah, I hate their guts – call me a “self hating homo” one more time.

Are there any other risk factors for “Mesothelioma” ?

Oh, wow, SV-40, I don’t believe it. (no shit.)

Is there any way to stop it?

Yes, glad you asked.

This stuff, right? (please use only as directed, non diluted is as caustic as toilet bowl cleaner.)


Why would Trump’s USDA have done this in 2017?

Yes. I used to support him, and this is one of the *NUMEROUS* reasons why I don’t anymore.