“Told you.”

Although my attitude about it was pretty cavalier at the time: “Fuck it, if both economies shit the bed I’m going to have way bigger problems than “Oh No My Stonks” and “Oh No My Paper Monopoly Money backed by faith in the full subjugation, terror, and violence of the Federal Government.”

The massive bank withdrawals you’re reading about are not necessarily reflective on the operating status or competency of the institutions experiencing them, people are getting better interest rates and/or foreign capital is panicking over current exchange rates and pulling everything out before it drops even lower.

They’re seeing the effects earlier than most.

You, on the other hand, are just noticing that things are getting more expensive.

Your house didn’t double in value.

The money its “valuation” is assessed in , has lost half of its value. And thus, so has the value of the property taxes collected on it.

I didn’t want to be a rentoid again… it just got to where the gas water and electric on my house cost more than my current rent, if I had all the breakers and valves closed and didn’t use a single drop of water, nor a single watt of electricity.