It’s … making the rounds .. what do you think?

This is why I could not possibly give a fuck less about Elon and his idiotic rationalizations around speech and “reach.”

The guy only fucking cares about getting “influencers” back onto the plantation, so that they can .. well.. “influence” you.

And only so long as it’s in the direction that he approves of.

Notwithstanding truth, necessity, or kindness – if something is true, shutting me up won’t stop it.

Nothing will.

I wasn’t invited to Blackrock’s “behavior modification” party, I was told to go sit in the corner and shut up or fuck off and die.

Or to go to prison, even:

Please explain to me, why anyone should assume benevolence on their part — or that I would be welcome in their idio-technocracy? Based on their conduct so FAR, why wouldn’t I assume that they’d just as soon ban me from the planet as well given just a LITTLE more power, influence , money — and dare I say, PRIVILEGE — than they ALREADY have?

That’s all we need, a federalized police force funded by YOU, laundered via the Ford Foundation (ironically named, because Henry Ford – well never mind, if you know then you know) , with guns and orders to do their bidding once manipulation, coercion, bribery, “incentives,” peer pressure, “consensus cracking,” psychological warfare , moronic in-group acceptance , shunning, turning families and friends against one another over the stupidest fucking shit imaginable and media propaganda/ social media psyops are no longer getting the job done. Social media’s main aim is to normalize narcopathic behavior and turn mutable , but nonetheless very traumatized people into BPDs who they can manipulate with “all or nothing” “you must choose X or Y,” and “you must choose between “X or me” ultimatums.

You know, something on the order of 20% of the United States annual GDP are the pharmaceutical industry and *medical treatment* and rather than seeing a problem with that our so-called experts, healers, whatever you want to call them- want it to be even more than that. How quickly we have traveled from “healthcare is a human right” to “comply with our mandates regarding this disease we cooked in a fucking laboratory and spread to the entire planet in the name of “scientific progress” — or go to prison, quarantine, etc or be left to die.”

I respectfully submit that it’s Blackrock and its entire management structure — and most of their rotten, corrupt corporate fronts, puppet politicians with multiple citizenships and conflicts of interest , NGOs, and shell companies — and ESPECIALLY anyone involved in Google, DARPA, Twitter or Facebook (“they’re the same picture”) — who are ALL in dire need of some “behavior modification,” preferably in GUANTANAMO BAY during covid tribunals.

And no: I will not say it “nicely.”