I’m old enough to remember … When the Center on Halsted was actually for queer people.

It used to have a library…..

You could get a coffee and read a book without some rowdy “youths” pulling a shank out of one of their weaves and stabbing someone in front of you.

The person who sent me this — huge donor to DNC and NPR (I don’t hold that against him- it’s not his fault he doesn’t know any better) actually laughed and asked “what recession?”

I dunno, the one that just sank your 401(k)? 🤦🏻‍♀️

I guess they don’t need my money anymore LOL.

The gays and the democratic establishment seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. Lori Lightfoot was there being honored — because they actually think she did a good job, LOL.

As a matter of fact,

Beetlejuice did such a great job she has a tighter security detail than half of our living former presidents.

And her even worse replacement was there too.

Whatever his name is.

They make me miss Richard Daley.

Junior and Senior.

I’m not into any of that but Ce-Ce Peniston is actually a really clever drag name if you’re old enough to remember the singer.

(I assume most of the attendees are old enough to have watched “Bathhouse Bette” Midler and Barry Manilow performing together at a gay bathhouse.)

If that place isn’t a washing machine for HIV/AIDS and “at risk youth” grants, I’ll eat my own dick live on cam.