I guess I was wrong about everything.

Moderna and Pfizer accomplish the following:

  1. They promote sv40, on purpose, which was supposed to be an “accident” when it was given to everyone in polio vaccines.
  2. They transfer a gene that causes resistance to kanamycin. (That’s the little green part.)
Sequencing of bivalent Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines reveals nanogram to microgram quantities of expression vector dsDNA per dose (Kevin McKernan, Yvonne Helbert, Liam T. Kane, Stephen McLaughlin)

Isn’t resistance to aminoglycosides supposed to be a BAD THING?

Oh no, it’s “all too common.”

Here, let’s make you even more resistant to antibiotics, what could possibly go wrong?

“Muh antibiotic resistant plagues are on the rise and we have no idea why! C’mere you anti-vaxxer!

“But kanamycin’s just an antibiotic, it’s not an antiviral!”

Correct, not the “safe and effective, FDA approved” compounded form of it that YOU get.

EtFak is an antiviral derivative of kanamycin (an aminoglycoside) that probably treats sv40 and definitely protects against EXTREMELY lethal strains influenza A.

We have known about it since 1986.

And then, for no reason at all…

WHO removed kanamycin from their list of Essential Drugs in 2019.

But they don’t want to treat sv40, they want to exacerbate it and make you resistant to a class of drugs that could possibly even eliminate it.

EtFak in a class of drugs (aminoglycosides) that interact with the dimerization initiation site of HIV. However the drugs that you know as FDA-approved “kanamycin” and “neomycin” do not have this antiviral property for some reason even though there’s a whole raft of related compounds that DO. And you can’t have them.

Modified April 8, 2023. It’s .. April 14th 2023. “I notice things.”

It would have probably served as a prophylaxis or an antidote to the injection itself because it terminates and fills in faulty chains. Such as in the case of SV40. Paradoxically, this effect is more pronounced with an exacerbated state of infection aka a higher viral load. The replication attempts stop because the genome gets its wig split. But this does not work when there’s nothing to find fault with and “fill in.” That is closely related to the reason that the universally shunned Dr Duesberg kept advocating for something he called “kick and kill.” He was not an “aids denialist, “ as commonly accused , it’s my understanding that he agreed there was something to treat and had a specific theory about treatment that nobody wanted to listen to. Is anybody surprised by this after what we’ve just seen?

(conversely it’s impossible to run a laboratory test for hiv drug resistance if you’re undetectable because there was no detectable genetic material to sample.)

They really really really want you resistant to it for some reason. Wonder what else it works on.

(Epstein-Barr is a whole other discussion, 95% of adults have it, it was supposedly “co – discovered” in Uganda by 1) a woman who “worked alongside several Jewish scientists who had fled Nazism” and “fled her profession because of sexism” and 2) a 101 year old man who is still alive. I don’t buy it, they were still covering up Sv40 contamination in “polio vaccines” at that time. EBV is the universal scapegoat for everything from cancer to herpes — it’s being kicked around as a “factor in long covid” by some but when 95% of the fucking planet has it, what doesn’t it correlate with? Anyway somehow, magically, it’s nobody’s fault. FWIW, EBV and HIV are one glycoprotein apart on a western blot – p41 and p42, respectively.)

You know why I don’t believe any of it? 1) because they have lied about and covered up this whole mess every step of the way since 1940, 2) “it’s always some fucking nazis fucking around with germ warfare and plagues in Africa” , 3) their whole business model is predicated on “one drug, one bug” , 4) western blots are USEFUL but FLAWED they’re a calculation of molecular weight which , in order for a consistently “accurate” diagnosis, depends on every infection presenting with the exact same length and molecular weight of their amino acid chain – and breaking that chain “on purpose” is considered therapeutic or curative ; two of those chains attaching to one another — remember, it’s all magnetic — may even be considered maladaptive, ie “free radicals.”

Examples; “chemotherapy,” fasting, various drugs that restart the g1/g2 cell stage cycle , NRTIs, protease/integrate inhibitors, I will make the argument that bone marrow transplants fall under the same category, and more recently , some of these attempts at covid therapies– and that has given way to looking for fragments of the “virus” with PCR amplification , which may or may not be intact or infective, as I’ve previously posted , University of Washington has deemed PCR as we know it to be “flawed” – specifically in the area of aids/HIV and they have an updated test – yet, we are still not using it “for some reason.”) The “science has been settled” for so long they won’t allow it.

Frustrated by their inability to explain why some “AIDS” patients didn’t test positive for “HIV,” they solved it by changing the definition of AIDS in 1993.

Any variation? It’s a “novel illness” and the race begins for a patentable treatment or cure that only addresses it and it alone. A broad spectrum antiviral like etfak will never be brought to market. Look no further than much they screamed, censored, fired, and discredited/unlicensed people.. actual doctors .. over ivermectin (or banned the drug outright.)

Yeah yeah, I get it. You “Fucking Love Science.”

Um, sweetie?

“Science” does not love YOU.