Oh I don’t belieeeeeeeve it.

Total monopoly on their app infrastructure, and censorship/ revocation of any apps that allow wrong thinkor discuss their majority owners alleged crimes against humanity and various conspiracies against the civil rights of American citizens- to wit: informed consent and voluntary participation under Nuremberg and US Federal Code:

Quote from their CEO: “At Blackrock, we are forcing behaviors.”

Yeah, ***no fucking shit.*** I guess he’s not a black lesbian named Waukesha after all. They really need to de-colonize and diversify their management!

“Behavior modification,” my fucking ass , they threw me in the fucking GARBAGE – digitally – and , more than ONCE , in real life. They ask why I don’t “trust” them. Well, look what you did to me.

Why the fuck would I- or any reasonable person?


Immunity,” my ass. This is federal law CFR 45 46.

(6) No informed consent may include any exculpatory language through which the subject or the legally authorized representative is made to waive or appear to waive any of the subject’s legal rights, or releases or appears to release the investigator, the sponsor, the  institution, or its agents from liability for negligence.


Twitter really hates the fact that I keep citing it.

And who owns Twitter again (and still)? Imagine my fucking surprise. 🙄👌🏻 Again, you’re already under a nationalized (corporate) socialist economy and government what with Musk publicly admitting the extent to which the USG allegedly controls who is “allowed” there and what they’re “permitted “ to say on there.

But don’t go on that “nazi” website, Gab, for heavens sake! (I don’t go on there just because its owner is virulently anti-homosexual — and yet gives your money to Nick Fuentes! Hahaha, Lauren Witzke! You do financially support them, joke’s on you, lady.)


Archive: https://archive.is/GRpcd

Who owns Twitter? I mean, besides the Saudis, who were notably absent from any mention whatsoever in Elon’s so-called “Twitter Files.”

If only we had some kind of law enforcement agency who would enforce the Code of Federal Regulations and protect our right to voluntary participation and informed consent under CFR 45 46– or if only we had some kind of , I don’t know, like anti-trust or anti-monopoly laws to make sure companies like Blackrock or AT&T didn’t have this much power and influence over every god damn institution, media outlet, and voting system manufacturer in America so to control our media and engage in multiple conspiracies to deny our civil rights with regard to our speech, “behavior”, so-called “elections” , right to protest and assemble and so much more.

We could call it , maybe, the “Department of .. Justice .. “ or something … it’s just an idea, it’s so crazy it might even work. 💡