Received my “final determination” that I’m permanently banned from Twitter , it cannot be appealed , any further appeals or comms to be ignored.

  1. I literally already forgot it even exists and consider correspondence from them spam
  2. Elon already agreed to come into line with Europes DSA legislation. It’s already over. Everything Elon says about free speech is a fucking lie to placate you, the deed is done and the ink is DRY. This begins in 2024.
  3. What this means , in practice, is that the EU — whose super merger with a Balkanized USA and Canada was cockblocked by Brexit and Belgium’s 2018 defacto bankruptcy among other things — will get to “interfere” with USA’s 2024 “elections” by pushing the same button to eliminate people and posts they don’t like, the way the USA already does.
  4. Oh no, I won’t get fed daily US PSYOPS
  5. Their owner is an empty suit for DARPA with a serious **********/******** problem (according to Enty from “crazy days and nights”) and probably blackmailed into oblivion for, among other things, being involved in the vaccine and RNA printing conspiracy himself, whose decision making will drive it into the ground. Ex: “We banned 70% of the users, why don’t we make any money?” Genius.
  6. They don’t like me pointing out that the Tesla factories were outfitted with RNA printers. That DARPA itself tweeted about testing the Moderna vaccine in May of 2019 (?) Grimes put that weird shit about the vaccines on her album cover in 2019, Elon and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are both partners in “CureVac”, and they attempted to purchase TSMC and move its production to mainland “China” , aka Greater Taiwan.
  7. “Nooo Bill and Elon hate each other” is horseshit cope and propaganda from Tesla fuckboy bot farms. Bill infamously “shorted Tesla” because he’s a greedy fucking monster who knew this shit didn’t work and he was privy to Insider information from his literal business partner in CureVac (Elon.)
  8. For Elon to own Twitter is for Bill to own Twitter and the public would show up with torches and pitchforks if they knew that.
  9. All the news is fake.
  10. All the celebrities are vapid fucking screeching twats being spoon fed their lies by their handlers and I’m not there for them yet cannot escape their endless promotion at the expense of other actual, real users, who I was there to read or engage with.
  11. Enty from “crazy days and nights” is more reliable than any “blue check” “journalist.”
  12. They defend pedophiles for bribes.
  13. All the moderators are ban happy *******
  14. They’re complicit in global mass murder and accepting millions of dollars to peddle that poison and eliminate anyone who dared to say anything about it.
  15. They’ve interfered in worldwide elections by their own admission.
  16. WHY are those countries not BANNING it for interfering with their elections?
  17. It’s an extension of In-Q-Tel Corporation.

My life is better without it.

VK has its own problems like, oh I don’t know, throwing people in prison for “liking” the wrong post — that is your future on Twitter and Gab — but it just shows me inspirational words and works, ACTUAL world history and not some fucking shit made up by racist man hating kill whitey Marxist lesbians and literal voodoo practitioners from Harvard and Stanford, pictures of the sky and the world I live in.

And helps me improve my Russian and Spanish.

Twitter just lies to me and tries to fucking kill me.

*I’m* permanently banned ? HAHAH.

You know what I’ll miss most of all? Cher’s absolutely fucking incoherent mess of a ********addled feed and that per- uh, I mean, PERSON George Takei’s daily gaslighting.