I think by “morphic resonance” , this would be kind of the same thing I mean by “toroidal fields” but not exactly for the same reasons or extrapolations. ( I’m flatly not that educated.)

The last edition of “The Presence of the Past” came out in 2011, and it was fair to call the field of genetics “good money thrown after bad” at the time. One problem these people keep having is assuming that “a is to b, as b is to c” always applies, it doesn’t in genetics – the rule of thumb is “a is to b, as b is to c, unless it isn’t.”

However almost immediately after this revision was published, CRISPR came out and resuscitated the mRNA idea, now .. mRNA itself was “discovered” in 1961 and has never been brought to market for for over 60 years for good reasons (including failed tests on HIV in the 1990s, failed tests with the CRISPR adaption of mRNA in 2013 as disclosed by Stanford in 2015 and mentioned in the archives, and suppressed but nonetheless terrible results with a couple Asian populations that went nuts injecting themselves with CRISPR – next to no brakes or regulation on any of it.)

The guy has a few questions of his own.

For example, in human gestation we have a fish like state where we have gills. At other stages of development we are nearly indistinguishable from the embryos/fetus of other mammals.

And so on.

I think “something” happens during times such as those we are living through, and that’s why they distract us and kill as fucking many of as they possibly can with war , famine, etc. We would have been Gaia ten times over , and some people think it’s “necessary” to lie to us, brainwash us with propaganda, for their military and state media and so forth to completely fuck our heads.

This really is a prison planet. “Work work work, do us all a favor and die when you can’t toil anymore.”

Fuckers are trying to make it a supermax now.

I have said before , that I’m (kind of) clear on my grandmother (and her father’s) heritage. Less so on other claims of who I’m supposedly related to. An /x/ topic .. a contested/disputed/totally unprovable conspiracy theory if you will.. that just came up involving one of those people and I’m not sure if it’s someone I should be proud of naming.

I had a dream a few days ago:

Two VERY short people .. a sort of Chinese / Indian / ancient looking couple were standing at the foot of my bed with a tall Angelo.

The couple said that we were related and that they were my ancestors.

The angelo told me that I could think of it as “two separate sects of the same congregation.”

I don’t worry about these dialogs. it seems that I’m somehow not “allowed” to remember anything that would be problematic if i were to write it.

I thought, I bet this is the tall one they carved out in those caves , god only knows back when …

(Why did you leave?)

I laid back down in bed to have a dream within my dream.

He sat down in a chair watching over me and I tried to grab the fringes of his jacket pinching them between my toes and pulling his chair closer to me as I finally fell back asleep.