And everyone over on Gab thought that I was nuts.

I am – but what the hell does that have to do with anything?!?

I can’t cope with them.

Not because I’m mad about the horrible things they say.

It’s because: the more I get Saudi Arabia and China’s jackboot on my throat — more often than not through their obedient puppets like Elon Musk , Jared Kuschner, and various proxies installed in the United States electorate, state legislatures , gubernatorial offices, and the White House like a cheap fucking toilet – the more I agree with them.

”how’d you know rob?” INSTANTLY BANNED from Facebook for off color jokes about “airborne aids” before Covid was announced.

Come on- everyone that knew this was happening — raise your hands, I’ve read you, I see you — everyone thought that this was going to be WAY WORSE.

Hell, the day is still young.

I don’t particularly give a shit. I liked this place but I hate it all the same. It’s called “ambivalence.”

One of Rupert Sheldrakes claims – I haven’t finished the book yet, as of where I am, it remains unexplained so far – is that the machinery that powers the earth completely “stopped” in the first century and then several times again in the nineteenth century. For EVERYTHING he talks about , that’s the one point where I went “wait, what?! what the fuck does that even mean?”