Alright, fine. I’ll stick it in the shredder over here on my blog then so even more people can read it.

Oh I’m sorry was this not racist or sexually degenerate enough for your editorial standards ?

I’m old enough to remember when these graphs specifically listed the amount of seiverts AIRLINE CREWS would “normally” receive in one year as an “safe and acceptable” occupational exposure.

How many “suddenly no longer existings” had flown recently? What’s the “safe and effective” exposure from a 5g/internet satellite at terrain level and when you’re 20000-40000 feet closer to it in an aircraft ? Asking for a friend.

I’m not a “5g conspiracist” because your body isn’t picky — whatsoever — about what kind of oxidative stress or RF damages it. No matter if it comes from the sun as gamma radiation or a cell tower, we are all so ridiculously over saturated with it and nobody fucking cares.

Why do infographics about ARS get shorter and shorter and shorter every year?