Consensus reality = we are all flying southwest and our shit’s been cancelled over and over again since the 1890s. We’re all stuck in the terminal and all of the televisions are tuned into CNN against our will with a locked and bulletproof sheet of plexiglass covering the front of it. We have no “remote control.”

What does the “remote control” do?

It completes a circuit which induces the tuner/oscillator to select one or more adjacent frequencies. You are a walking tuner for light frequencies (oscillations) with a somewhat more sophisticated subroutine than the “remote control.

Your computer monitor / electronic devices can do 120-240hz+, faster than you can register. That is why subliminal programming can occur at higher cycles than you can see with your naked eye although that’s not the point of this post.

The guy with a microdose or a gram of DMT or whatever is no different from the prankster with a universal remote control app on his smartphone who changes the channel, mutes CNN, or just turns the damn TVs off to everyone else’s amazement.

“All” his phone did was transmit a couple of pulses of infrared light. (Of course, how we get from those pulses of light being transmitted, received , interpreted , and converted to an electromagnetic signal in order to complete an electromechanical action on the tuner is more detailed than that. )

How could you possibly see or interact with different waveforms of light?

Just add water.

And RF or “visible” light I guess: RF (radio frequency) is light even if it’s not visible light. The only thing that makes light “light” is the fact that it’s visible or adjacent to visible spectrum.