you might be a geek or an idiot if you find yourself wondering if there was only a way to transmit oxygen wirelessly..

.. oh yeah ..

down to 1L/minute. using 2L/minute is elevating my heart rate, which means it’s too much now.

Yet, standing. breathing. and talking simultaneously are just a little too much let alone exercising. using my old oxygen cylinder as a “barbell” is entertaining.

you don’t say . dysrhythmia, my ass.

reincarnation? ha. not for a zillion dollars and a guarded fucking island.

shrug, fix the body you have or you don’t deserve another one.

right now that just looks like working on getting a bit more flexible again.

basic calisthenics , stretches. not saying I have to keep my legs up for the whole NBA team. Or an entire WNBA team at the rate America is going.