Will somebody please stop the WSJ and NYT from publishing dangerous misinformation and conspiracies 4chan was discussing 2-3 years ago?

This Hate Speech and unmitigated Misinformation is Dangerous to our Democracy! The DSA needs to step in and immediately implement that censorship law from Europe that’s also called the “DSA” !

Make sure NYT and WSJ are permanently banned with absolutely no recourse for appeal whatsoever.

Maybe Eliza Bleu can call the police and tell you how many people they fucked on Grindr too.

Please do! Hell, I’m sort of curious how many, MYSELF!

She destroyed that kids life, career, and reputation then screamed “off with their heads” over a screenshot from a music video on WSH and had her way in minutes FLAT. That is what “class privilege” actually looks like in today’s society.

Your game is stupid, your rules are stupid, and your prizes are fucking stupid as well.

Literally todays headline:

Literally, one fucking year ago to the day on 1/23/2022.

I wrote it. Now I’m not saying it’s true, just that it’s a hypothesis. Don’t believe me, keep scrolling.

FAKE NEWS ALERT!!!! My ICD-10 says right here , thats.. *shuffles deck* .. Dysautonomia! And you need a bivalent boo- what?

UGH. What a bunch of /x/ tier schizos and incels. I bet you don’t even have an Associates Degree in medicine OR geology. Have sex, WSJ. 🙄

What kind of schizo would publish shit like that?

Indian as in “rain dance?” – no, Indian as in “tech support,” bitch. 💅🏻